Americans and die They invented a look like iPhone

Americans and die! They invented a look like iPhone

Yes, next time you are in the United States had been behind touch phones–be careful, he fished out of the “iPhone”, could really be deadly weapons! M & M’S iPhone 5 Case


Simply put, M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

This named Ideal Conceal. 38-caliber pistols, the biggest feature is the ability to deformation,

Usually looks like a iPhone cell phone

But when pressing a button, pop-up handle, ready to fire!


This gun has caused the United States authorities of high tension,

Because it is already on the market!

M & M'S iPhone 5 Case

Police are worried that deformation prior to this, it is the perfect hidden firearms, if spread,

Could lead to serious social problems.

But so far, this gun before the listing, it has nearly 12,000 a predetermined order … …





Cable powder Gospel! Android Sony Z5 after 6.0 p as a system global 4K

We are know, last year Sony Mobile released of Xperia Z5 Premium (country line: Xperia Z5 statue enjoy version, following referred to Xperia Z5 p) known as is global first paragraph carrying has 4K resolution screen of intelligent phone, but actually Sony Xperia Z5 p only in watch photos and video of when, screen only opened 4K resolution mode, and in other situation (browse page, and QQ, and micro-letter, and micro-Bo and so on) are only has 1080P of resolution. Moschino mini case

Moschino retina iPad mini case

Z5 p Android 6.0 has now started pushing, and many users found the Z5 p screenshot system display resolution is 4K. Proved that the Android 6.0 Z5 p in the system are displayed at 4 k resolution, this is mainly because Android 6.0 system native support for 4K display (not Android 5.1). But cable powder not to celebrate too early, due to the optimization of third-party App no 4K, so 4K’s superiority was reflected in the third-party App does not. Z5 p equipped with 晓龙 810 properties limited bandwidth only a 25.6GB/S, want to smoothly drag the 4K resolution requires at least 32GB/S of bandwidth. Moschino retina iPad mini case


Android Tablet over two years of development time, parameters of the screen from the beginning of 2010 the 1024*600 Galaxy Tab P1000, developed to the Nexus of 10 2560*1600, both technical, parameters on the screen there is a great deal of progress. Flat-screen resolution has now reached beyond the level of full HD, also appeared such as IPS screen technology, PLS effects such as outstanding examples. Let us look how Android tablet screen.

Screen resolution

Android 2.2

Android tablet is very closely linked to development and version numbers, when Android 2.2, Android Tablet resolution is not high, generally 1024*600, and even some of the same Tablet and phone 480*800, even if such a resolution is on the small size plate will look great.


Android 3.0

The second stage is the Android 3.0, there have been many 720P screens, mostly 1280*800 (virtual key), I think this time there was a real “Android tablet” because Android 3.0 is provided solely on the basis of flat and button layout is customized according to flat operating habits. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case


Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Android 4.0

To Android 4.0,Android tablet interface 3.0 change is small, but full-HD flat-panel, such as the MediaPad 10 FHD, ASUS TF700, Acer A700 is standard full HD screen. From here leads to a big problem, that is, full HD flat screen upgrade is too large relative to the past, there will be many applications are not compatible. In addition, the 1080P screen a lot higher requirements for GPU, GPU in Android 4.0 era can be said to have 1080P difficult to cope with the load.



Android 4.2

The latest Android 4.2, with Nexus 10 the emergence of Android Tablet resolution once again on the rise, reaching the 2560*1600 standards of terror, this high resolution is only 27 inches or even larger in the PC screen, now applies to only a 10-inch plate, people have lamented the advancement of technology. Of course, in addition to the increase in resolution, or a new schema from Nexus 10 A15 processor and GPU is also a very powerful Mali-T604, such a powerful configuration before the high resolution is necessary.


Development prospects

10.1-inch Android tablet, 2560*1600 is a very powerful standard, PPI has reached the “retina” level, and only for the time being a Nexus 10 this playing God argument, so it will take some time to digest, and other brands also adopted this resolution until after the breakthrough development. For 7 inch tablet, however, 1280*800 is clearly still have a lot of room, imagine, had by the end of this year there will be many 5 inch 1080P phone, 7-inch Tablet and certainly not a sign of weakness, 7 inch 1080P tablet is likely will break out next year, this visual feast is very attractive to the user.


Screen technology

About screen technology, Android tablet is divided into widely used conventional TFT, IPS and Samsung’s unique SAP and PLS.



For conventional TFT, already face elimination in various advanced technology appeared on the screen, TFT becomes weak, are usually products are used to control costs.


IPS Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

IPS displays outstanding, being used by most of the Android tablet, even many copycat brands are competing with IPS Panel, gives the impression that IPS is the only Panel … But of particular note here is, IPS are not fully representative of high-quality, IPS panels have a lot of company in launching, IPS panel shows the effects of different companies can make a big difference, so your readers to buy Polish eyes, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the screen.



Samsung’s SAP (that is, Super Amoled Plus) screen technology was originally used in mobile phones, first rounds on the i9100 pioneered the use, relative to the original Super Amoled’s biggest advantage is there is no arrangement uses Pentile, but traditional RGB array, so there is no Burr is especially serious problems. Bright colors, combined with meticulous detail was praised by all sides by SAP except i9100, Samsung sign technologies to SAP the Galaxy Tab was 7.7 on the Tablet, at the time of the technology to achieve 7.7-inch Super Amoled screen arranged in RGB, is not easy.



PLS was in large size for Samsung flat screen technology and application products are high-end products such as Galaxy Tab 2 and Nexus 10. This screen works even better than the IPS, enormous viewing angle, brightness is also very high. Detailed look at the Nexus 10 on the screen, but the screen seems to be found in the measured leak some serious.


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These 4 companies were willing to pay 2 billion by IBM to buy

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These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

The fact that the Typhoon weather, United States people most like to buy things not a torch nor anti-rain gear, but the strawberry pie.

The big data analytics sector concluded that Wal-Mart Discover. As a global chain of large supermarkets, Wal-Mart attaches great importance to meteorological data collection and analysis. In 2004, Wal-Mart’s data group stumbled upon a strange message: every time before a large Typhoon, Strawberry Jam toast cookie sales will increase 7 times. So, each time before the typhoon made landfall in the later, Wal-Mart will purchase strawberry pie early in the landing area of the supermarket.

When temperatures reach 22 degrees centigrade, began selling beer. Temperatures reached 24 c, Swimsuits began to sell. Temperatures of over 30 degrees, increase of sales of cold drinks–these are summed up in a series of weather index: index, index of swimsuits, air conditioning index of ice cream and so on.

There’s even a famous “Delphi meteorological law”: If on your weather information for every US $ 1 invested, will get $ 98 economic returns, the input-output ratio of 1:98.

“Heaven”, these four words now more representative of the “money by the weather”. In 2016, IBM has spent more than $ 2 billion to buy United States companies weather (The Weather Company) all business except the broadcasting sector.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

IBM acquisition site The Weather Company activities. Who will be the IBM data an important layout on the ring

United States and Japan are commercial meteorological services development within the best country in the world. In the United States, active around 350 commercial meteorological services company, the entire market of more than $ 6 billion, and maintained an annual growth of nearly 25%. In Japan, the famous Weathernews meteorological services company In. (WNI), every day there are more than 6000 ships, 7,000 flights using its services.

In 2015, the weather affected the industrial value in the United States reached US $ 160 billion, in Europe more than $ 260 billion, Japan $ 10 billion-the met Office public weather service Pan Jinjun, Deputy Director of China Meteorological Bureau aliyun strategic partnership had referred to the three numbers.

And the Chinese market, due to the policy of monopoly before led to commercial weather services industry almost empty. 2014 Bloomberg BusinessWeek (Chinese version) recorded at the time of the reports of:–“there is no such private commercial weather company, nor”, “China’s meteorological services have been monopolized by government agencies”, “If China were to let go of administrative monopoly, will bring a market of billions of market value”.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

IBM show weather alerts interface. Data, very detailed

By the year 2016, the situation is reversed. IBM has distressed acquisitions United States weather company’s localization in China cannot be tried. However, everything is different now–meteorological service in today’s China is a huge business opportunity.

Why do you say that? In simple terms, there are three points.

First, policy, data revenue. For a long time, national meteorological services meteorology provides weather forecasts, disaster warning, mainly, no development of commercial meteorological services industry. Turnaround began in June 2015, the Central Weather Bureau issued Decree 27th: open China’s meteorological information, in 2020 and completely liberalized to encourage private capital and meteorological cooperation. That is, the monopoly will gradually open to official data.

Second, the market explosion. In 2015, the commercial weather services annual output value of only $ 600 million. However, according to the latest bulletin of joint national weather service and the National Bureau of statistics estimates that China’s current on-demand customized weather services worth more than 200 billion yuan.

Third, the demand gradually formed. More and more enterprises have gradually realized the impact of weather on the company’s business, in the development of operational programmes of the meteorological factors into consideration. Drops out of the $ 100,000 price search algorithm for forecasting supply and demand. Future drone, UAV, smart city and other areas of development are closely related to the prosperity of the commercial weather services.

Baiyiji it is a 98 times returns empty market.

How to tell if a weather service company well, so the three evaluation criteria for reference:

Meteorological data sources are not so big;

Data processing capability is not strong;

What about industry pain points;

One of the most important meteorological data sources–plain English and data processing capacity is two things: how much data resources, as well as how good at math.

All this data is. More data-rich, meaning the more accurate weather forecasts. So, which company has the most extensive data, a kind of implies that it can grow much larger.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

Weather service is, in essence, data collection and data processing. Data into the information age is the greatest wealth

The world in General, commercial weather companies ‘ data sources are mainly national meteorological departments: including ground stations, upper-air station, weather satellites, radar and other various levels. Foreign meteorological companies often choose to expand sources of meteorological data in two ways:

One was built where the stations, deployment of radar or satellites;

Second, collecting weather enthusiast home personal weather stations, meteorological data from the smart device.

But in China, because the relevant laws and regulations of the, companies find it difficult to pass the collection of meteorological data in two ways. Therefore, the Chinese meteorological service company can look for other ways, in addition to the data provided by the Meteorological Department, gets more extensive data, determine how far they can go in meteorological business track.

From daily PB level (PB is a unit of data storage capacity, which is equal to 2 of 50-th byte, value is approximately equal to 1000 TB) data read has been in world-wide problem. At present, we are able to use supercomputers, with 4700 trillion calculations per second speed, 7-14 day for the future of numerical weather prediction. However, limited by the computing power to address short-term and long-term forecasting, and the use of a numerical weather prediction model is clearly not suitable for start-up businesses.

Therefore, more meteorological startup company attempting breakthrough from the following two points:

First, for short-term weather forecasting using artificial intelligence methods, weather maps, instead of meteorologists forecast the weather;

Second, for the medium-and long-term forecasts, using statistical methods, combined with historical data to predict future rainfall a year, and so on.

In addition to the data sources and data analysis skills other than these two, meteorological services companies also need to address the relationship between meteorology and operational, to provide customers with refined solutions. Different areas of enterprise demand for weather information is often very different, precipitation, air temperature, wind speed and direction, disasters have different emphases. At present, the meteorological services company to cut five of the main areas of application are as follows:

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

Energy: using weather data to predict wind farms, photovoltaic power stations generating power; combined with power data to forecast the electricity demand, improve the efficiency of energy use. 

Agriculture: advanced learning technology to analyze remote sensing data, combined with ground data to predict weather, crop growth conditions, diseases and pests in farmland, and the extreme weather warning.

Travel/logistics: provide users with short-term, high-precision location of weather forecasting, such as a line or can be accurate to predict rainfall of an area, planning routes.

Airlines: history combined with the rate of flights, airport weather forecast flight delays;

Retail: depending on the temperature, humidity, radiation, and other information directed to send advertisements to users. For example, on smog days push primer advertising; if UV strong sunscreen is recommended.

1. The Weather Company

To say that the company, in fact, everyone should not be unfamiliar. All of the iPhone, Android phones (except China) built-in weather data from The Weather Company.

The world’s largest weather company in the last century was a do and only do 24-hour weather station. It magically existed for 20 years, and eventually was bought by IBM for more than $ 2 billion in digital business unit. IBM will this sector into its own cloud computing IBM Waston and Internet services platform.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

Many people will ignore the “weather station” is actually a technology company. Meteorological data has the largest company in the world is not Google or Microsoft, but The Weather Company. The Weather Company in the world, with more than 40 million weather stations, weather sensors for 100,000. In the United States has built 13 meteorological information center, it even has its own weather satellite and radar networks.

Every 24 hours, The Weather Campany Super network to have 10 billion volumes of data, generated 2.2 billion independent forecast on a global scale.

MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case

The Weather Company occupied market share about 51% of the national weather service. In the c-Terminal, The weather forecast of the Weather Company for individual users to customize a variety of services, such as rainfall distribution of different areas on the route to work, 3D dynamic street traffic information.

On the b side, they are in aviation, energy, insurance and retail, logistics has over 5,000 customers, including Bloomberg, United States aviation, Canada airlines. In aviation weather services, for example, The Weather Company can provide real time flight all the time for airline turbulence, the thunderstorm detection and early warning systems, and route planning based on and add fuel. IBM said full service airlines can reduce 50% losses due to air flow.

2. The Climate Corporation

The company’s main business was to provide farmers with insurance, insurance such as corn, soybeans, insurance. Farmers day dinner easier to weather delays such as corn and soybean crop yields. The Climate Corporartion algorithm has been developed: based on historical weather data, geological data, based on the weather forecast analysis, predict the impact of weather on crop production, the resulting policy, determine the premiums and dividends.

The Climate of Corporation in October 2013, the world’s largest seed and pesticide companies Monsanto (Monsanto Company) for $ 930 million acquisition.

After the acquisition, the company evolved into digital agriculture platform: the collection of the data necessary for agricultural production (weather, soil conditions and crop conditions, and so on), helping farmers to develop the cultivation of scientific programmes (provided seed selection, fertilization plans, yield prediction, pest management, and so on).

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

This company with the help of Monsanto’s agricultural business advantage, rushing to occupy the market. Monsanto is the world’s largest seed and pesticide companies, accounting for corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops-100% market 70% market share. As of July 2016, The Climate Corporation in the United States market coverage has reached 1/3 per cent of the total cultivated area (92 million acres).

Monsanto and The Climate this combination Corporation has developed industry-wide ecosystem. After the acquisition, Monsanto will own two of farming products (guiding Field sowing and fertilizer application Scripts, sophisticated plant Precision Planting) were integrated into The Climate of Corporation products. Subsequently, The Climate Corporation acquired the company soil sensor 640 Labs, shared platform of agricultural technology Yield Pop, Solum and soil analysis provides SaaS services.

3. Dark Sky MCM iPhone 6 case

The company on a weather forecast that a feature Apple Top 10 APP list at number six, the number of users of over 8 million. Their data sources in addition to the official data, mainly from users to upload their own data: as a general rule, users of smartphones have built-in barometer, to regularly upload the pressure data.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

Dark Sky implementation up to the minute weather forecasts. Although the weather is constantly changing, but within minutes the weather change is linear, such as clouds moved within a short time. Therefore, the Dark Sky has developed a new algorithm: calculate the speed of future storm more than 10 minutes to guess which will usher in a rainstorm.

The company relying on a mobile phone has been profitable. But users pay to download revenue ($ 3.99 APP pricing), Dark Sky also use interface call to get service. Dark Sky available to other application developers API, allowing developers to short-term weather forecast is built into the Dark Sky in your application, if you call more than 1000 times for a fee. MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case

4. OpenWeather Map

The name represents the spiritual character of the founder of the company: Dehn · Youkeluofu (Denn Ukolov) likes to call itself “open source software evangelist” vision is wanted by OpenWeather Map, weather service to help agriculture and more targeted traffic.

These 4 companies were willing to pay $ 2 billion by IBM to buy

Spirit of sharing the spirit of openness, OpenWeather Map result of meteorological data and weather forecasts provided free of charge to the user, and allows all Android,iOS applications calling these data, embedded into a variety of programs, called the weather community wiki.

If users are willing to make their own weather stations, smart devices gathered on the platform of local weather data uploaded on the OpenWeather Map, and more refined data can be fed back. Ukolov use this way to encourage users to upload to expand data sources.

Although not as rich as The Weather Corporation to build meteorological observation networks, but relies on users to upload local meteorological data, OpenWeather Map and make your own way, set up their own system of data sharing. At present, the OpenWeather Map has already gained about 400,000 users.

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Excellent Beijing tour Royal Park 10 days off the hook


Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.

In 2010, I joined a tour group to visit Beijing, being “on the big” attracted by the city. Because it is a tour group, all attractions are quick, day tours to three attractions, and at least one shopping every day, had a chance to look at the beautiful scenery was rushing ahead, even a photograph of time are less.

  Now thing across four years, on Beijing of feel are fuzzy has, starting Beijing Qian a time I often dream to in Beijing play, but are see not clear views, wants to see clear points Shi on woke up came has, is irritating, so I plans but this year (November 2014) again to once Beijing play, this with Shang I of daughter-in-law also has I 5 age half of son, recognize seriously really of to play once Beijing city.

  Must be prepared to travel plans prior to departure, work and things at home have to in order, peace of mind so that you can play. Here I would like to thank King Tang Jie of the travel agency, she offered some professional advice, so I break a lot of hearts. Miss Luo would also like to thank the Bank of communications, help I have a credit card, limit is 10000 Yuan, this trip to Beijing tickets and accommodations by credit card, spending money I have 12, so basically no pressure.

  OK, back to the point, in Yu lin to Beijing, we had two train, a trip to K158 originating in Zhanjiang, West end Beijing, another trip to Nanning, T290 is to the West. K158 are often late, stations and more, driving time, so I chose T290,10 31st 15:57 car, November 1, 17:40 to the destination, got out of the car to the hotel to rest, time arrangements are appropriate.


Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.

   A week ago, I bought a ticket, I also want to fly before, but children also need to buy tickets, and on November 1 the day tickets a minimum of 1200, 1440, flying a trip we fare enough, in order to save money, I choose to take the train.

  Ticket daughter-in-law and I discussed it before, is it hard or soft, if hard, you must buy a ticket to his son, hard sleeper bed is small, but they may not buy two lower berths, plus the son is a naughty, he would walk around, in view of such, we decided to buy the soft sleeper.


Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.

   On the train, soft berth tickets as expected no white buy, feel comfortable all the way, every station the train arrived, we arrive at the Beijing West railway station. I set of hotel in Beijing South Station near, I starting Beijing Qian one months on began plans Beijing tourism route has (thanks Baidu map, were it not for has Baidu, I also plans not to the detailed of route plans), about train I on by plans sat Metro Line 9 line to six in Bridge station turned Line 10 line to unto the West station again turned Line 4 line to South Station got off (in here I on not put Metro figure has, has interest of friends can Baidu about), about walk more than 10 minutes we on to hotel has. 11 stations on the subway, change 2 times, the hotel has 19 o’clock and I was tired and hungry, a left-luggage is nearby to eat after a good night’s rest.

  Me this happy before the Beijing tour starts, stay in a hotel, there was a little unpleasant things, this thing in the back, we started on November 2, in Beijing and for ten days, here’s a photo:


Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  We filmed with the camera before the monument in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the first photo, where I stand is the best viewing locations in Tiananmen Square, is a National Museum in the East; South is the monument to Monument engraved with “eternal glory to the heroes of the people” in big letters, is Chairman Mao handwriting; West is here; is on the north side is the main entrance of Tiananmen.

Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  Today the weather is good, azure sky (our primary school classic diary chapeau), as can be seen from the photo, the sky is blue, there is no impurities, air than we in Yulin, Guangxi is OK, my ten days in Beijing, after a long period of cloudy, the other time was so large that the Sun, not meet smog.

  We slept early last night, got up at 6:30 today, I thought we had very little time to get up early, get up earlier but with tours of the hotel, heard about 4 o’clock on the up and up, need to get to the square to watch the flag-raising. I has always been do used night cat, 6:30 up has is I of limit has, so I and rose flag has always been missed; another a and I missed of is see hair President remains, I first times to Beijing is 2010 with mission tour, first days tour Beijing first station is into hair President Memorial, dang everyone are to queued of when I belly twisted up has intestinal yarn, queued of people Dragon full has 2 km long, around has Memorial two circle, listening to guide said at least to row one hours to see hair President of remains, I wants to I impossible endure got one hours, He rushed straight to the nearest toilet and when I came out to return to the team where I jump the queue for security is to not let go! No way, had to keep bags together and guided tours. I thought this free line can see dear of hair President has, but I and once miscalculation has, according to trip, “in Beijing South Station sat Metro Line 4 line to Xuanwu door station turned sat Line 2 line to front door station got off, to North go first tour hair President Memorial, again tour Tiananmen Square, tour finished to North to Palace……”, I 6:30 up, a three mouth is calm of slowly scrub finished, also specially put “cattle” are “fried” finished (Yulin dialect), out Qian also fear acclimatized caused belly not comfortable drink has a bottle Tai Chi group of burner upright liquid And have time to do before we go out. I phone looked at out of the subway station, 10 minutes to 9 points, just in time, usually by this time I was on my way to work.

  Any entry in Tiananmen Square, have to undergo strict security checks before entering the Plaza, this man a lot, through security and then locate in the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is 9:30 when the team, this time security far more than when I was here last, check very carefully. Into hair President Memorial is cannot with package and camera of, this I last to of when has understand, save package of place and think far, also think not security, at I see team no last to of when so long, only around has a circle, should half hours can row to has, so I and daughter-in-law batch in, first let she with son queued, I in queued at, she out I again in, which know I didn’t grasp good time, didn’t pre to this year security special of strict, thought, half hours of is, has 1.5 hours, Daughter-in-law Confluence was about 11 at the time, is when I take the first photo. Security has stopped people lined up at 10:30 because the Memorial closes at 12 o’clock noon, alas!!! I and and hair President missed, forever are cannot see hair President of remains has, I do tourism plans Shi in online see was said hair President of remains will in 2016 buried back shaoshan, let he elderly buried, yihou even again has opportunities to Beijing also see not to hair President has, at of I mood frustrated, full is lost, suddenly reminds that sentence quotes “most far of distance is near is cannot meet”, this sentence most can described I of mood.

Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  We take a photo at the side of the square, while enjoying the surrounding scenery, the sun shone in the warm ocean, very comfortable, do not want to go, the Plaza has a large basket, beautiful, filled with lights, lights at night is more beautiful.

Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.
Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  Photo I stood near where the flag-raising, how many people come to Beijing to see flag rising in the capital, I would like to see, but I want to sleep late.

  Then, looking at the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, as Chinese pride came over me, this mood only in front of the national flag in Tiananmen Square will feel to it.

Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  There is a road between square and Tiananmen, the ten Li Street, also known as Chang ‘ an avenue, parade held in Changan Avenue. From Plaza to Tiananmen Square from a pedestrian tunnel across, in the tunnel have to accept a security after a pedestrian tunnel, downstairs at Tiananmen Square, but some I do not know the names of flowers into pattern is very beautiful, I do not have paihua photos, because is more worthy than Tiananmen Square, as well as the views of Tiananmen.

Excellent Beijing tour, Royal Park 10 days off the hook.


  Sign of the Chinese brand cigarettes, called dragon pillars, are found in many places in Beijing, are the characteristics of the capital, carved very beautifully, but unfortunately we are trigger, do not know how to appreciate, I told my son that is the pride of the Chinese people, is a sign of modern Chinese people.


  Chairman Mao portrait in Tiananmen Square to see unusual kind, great Chairman Mao, we Chinese don’t know what, maybe not China.

  I last 2010 years to Beijing of when Tiananmen Tower also opening, for with mission enough time no up; this to not know what reasons didn’t open, or as long as spent Shang 15 Yuan on can feel about founded Shang hair President week Prime Minister and a all founding great parade Shi station of place has, some thing missed has really of not can again back, first times no up, second times to has shall not up, now let I wants to has a sentence poems “spent open Kan folding straight must folding, MO stay no spent empty folding branch”.

  Go in from the main entrance of Tiananmen Square, is the end door, side doors and is the same style of Tiananmen Square, is very similar to would like to have the Golden water bridge and take some photos, but there were a lot of people, good photo, hordes that describe the flow too much.


  Haven’t been to the forbidden city before, is I always thought into the Tiananmen Square to the forbidden city, to know, Tiananmen Square at the time of the Ming dynasty is called “gate” filled with end doors, gate, the gate to the forbidden city, we want to enter the forbidden city, will have in place between end doors and door for tickets.


  In ticket office Qian pour votes of people many, are said added 5 Yuan without queued, in he (she) of hand in buy, I think out out, everything carefully is, this pour votes of credibility not high, if encountered trouble thing, money is small, personal security is event, so I also is honestly of queued tickets, due to people more, I full row has half hours only buy to votes.


  Tickets for the Palace green, how much an individual’s vote is only one, use less paper and less paper consumption of wood, one year into the Museum’s visitors are said to have more than thousands of people, we can imagine how much paper tickets.

  In line with several dudes and girls selling Palace tour route map 5 Yuan a, beautifully printed very introduced attractions are also doing well, but I would have to do a browse scheme, I would like to buy a copy.

  Get tickets after the noon 12:30, planned in the morning we visited Chairman Mao, swim square is nearby to eat lunch and then tour the forbidden city, but it is tight now, had to eat fast food next to the ticket office and not very tasty and expensive, people know of this earth.


  Actually gate is forbidden city of main entrance, I wants to many people and I as, on gate of impression is TV in of that a sentence “launched gate beheaded”, but reality in the “gate” in history Shang and no line had beheaded penalty, in Ming period, gate is Emperor punishment Minister line “Royale rod” penalty of place, that playing butt, Ming late more playing more hard, was playing of often live not down, even not died also lifelong disability, so civil on understanding into gate is executions Minister of locations.

  As long as came to noonday door of people are see have out, this place is by Feng Shui geographic pattern built of, I is not understand Feng Shui, but slowly appreciate, except was buildings majestic zhiwai, I also see obtained this is a big Peng wings or Phoenix fly of shape, gate on both sides of floor on like is opened of wings, is forbidden city focus Feng Shui location, so here does not for line “beheaded” penalty, which has Emperor in home door cut people of? Emperors so superstitious, impossible to make blood stains, more ominous.


  Us from the middle of the gate door to enter the forbidden city, the doorway is tall and wide, entering the doorway, only the Emperor can be transmuted. See my photos on wooden doors, big, thick, was built with wood, thickness is 20 cm, about 6 meters high.


  Before I went in the forbidden city, I haven’t found the imperial city is a huge stone in the Middle Road, past the gate, I found that very large boulders at the foot of, the size is almost the same, I don’t see how thick the thickness alone laying the stone road in ancient times was the great works, there are photos to prove it.


  Through the door, I was drawn to this majestic scene, five of the Golden water bridge a small senior, placed in front of the Tai Wo, we can’t help but happy cheers; not exaggerating every visitor here can’t help but come out, “Wow, wow” excited voices, through endless ear. The Majesty of the forbidden city was not a picture can describe, to exposure to feel.

  Like a Plaza between the Meridian Gate and the gate should be ancient gathering where imperial troops, this is my guess.


  Wo bronze lion in front of very powerful, is made of bronze, I do not know how many guns staple gun camera film, bronze lion Majesty can almost enjoy will have to go, but I went too fast and missed, perhaps looked too and in front of the stone.


  Through the gate, saw the Hall, Palace Square in front of the larger, more like massing. Due to the time constraints, we walked the Middle, not on either side, and on both sides of the area did not open, visit alone couldn’t come in the middle.


  Hall of the emperor ascended the throne, and be appointed as the Empress or place celebrations and other important ceremonies, is the largest single building in the forbidden city, is the tallest building in the city of Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing.

  The day we go to the middle of the door is not opened, people are squeezed in on either side of the side door, wants to take a long Chair as hard I squeezed a few Zhong Cai packed position, see the inside of its glorious, my son asked me are you doing with it? I pointed to a “building very sui Xian” throne under the plaque says: “the emperors in ancient times was sitting on the throne and became emperor, only the Emperor can take this Chair. ”


  To stand above the Dragon is embossed in front of Hall place looking south, I can feel the ancient king reigns over style, looking at numerous visitors, such as flooding, can only use one “big” words to describe the forbidden city.


  Palace in front of a sundial on the left (I don’t understand this word reading), is an ancient clocks, projection direction determination of the principle is to use the Sun and dividing time, only during the day and the Sun was out the day was useful, but people already in ancient times was a great invention.


  Copper also has a pair of bronze cranes, Dragon-tortoise, these bronze fencing around, can only watch, they can’t touch. In Beijing, I found has many important statue or stone are with fence around, not let visitors near, like Hall, inside put has important heritage of large single building are not let into, only in door far of watch, blame on blame we people of quality too poor, everywhere mess carved mess painting damage heritage, forced only with this method around, heritage monuments cannot near see thin taste ornamental on we modern visitors does is a big pity.


  Going to the next spot, you must walk the Hall on both sides of the door and I go to the copper cylinder and noticed many of the copper cylinder inside the forbidden city, there may be hundreds of previously studied history at school, said that some of the copper cylinder set with gold in the forbidden city, was blown away by when the eight-power allied forces break through Beijing, so now some marks and grew outside of the copper cylinder.

  Take pictures in front of the copper cylinder with a guide to introduce his tour “of those cylinders is the ancient forbidden city fire protection, there are 108, filled with water, and once the fire was nearby for water. “I listen to a little wonder, the copper cylinder is so high, and walked up the steps, unless the person responsible for the bear and have Yao Ming’s height to get water, if there is water in case of fire, nor Gold so extravagant? By I of guess these copper cylinder may is by Feng Shui life acting pattern by made, is used to repression ghosts of, because feudal Emperor pretty superstition of, also has civil legend forbidden city and called “eight arm Nezha city”, it initially of designers is Liu Bowen mild Yao Guangxiao, regardless of is Liu Bowen also is Yao Guangxiao, are is first a of Feng Shui master, 108 mouth copper cylinder should has its Feng Shui meaning, or how will said these cylinder is Taiping cylinder?


  Across the Hall is the Hall of complete harmony and preserving harmony, the Hall and the Hall of Central harmony, Hall of preserving harmony Hall is the Palace of the three important palaces, surrounded by white marble stone steps, symmetrical on each side by a row of rooms. Because of the Hall of Central harmony is behind closed doors, we only took a few photos outside, look around, carved with many leading, leading a total of 1142, I didn’t count, is Baidu’s digital online, it is said that when heavy rain could see thousands of dragons in appearance.

  Little Hall of Central harmony, the Emperor before major ceremonies are held in place of rest or thinking, sort of like a study, its structure came near the Hall of Central harmony, a lot of wood covered with bronze, it is Dragon pattern, to a photo makes the reader look.


  To I of imagine, this three a so important of Hall, in ancient not is with bronze by package, should is gold, not know in what years what months was bait-and has just, so we now see of is bronze package wood, because in ancient, this three Hall called “throne room”, Emperor Emperor enjoy of things certainly non-gold that silver, silver easy oxidation variable black, gold on can keep it of gloss, Emperor should is with gold build of Palace.


  Go to preserving harmony, can finally take a throne at the main entrance was photographed, but not to force the camera, the result is bad. “Huang Jian” means King in politics have established road, impartiality, fairness and justice; here is the Emperor, such as establishing or modifying the law of the place, is the place where emperors handled State, also said that we see on TV, “where emperors held court”.

  Location of preserving harmony is located in the middle of the forbidden city, while preserving harmony in the King’s throne is in the middle position, long chairs to the South to “gate” the Dragon Chair to the North to “gate” is the same distance, long chairs to the East wall of the Royal Palace and the Palace of the Western Wall and equally popular. Sitting in this position on behalf of the Emperor, he is Supreme and exclusive first person.


  Turn around three main halls, I think the three main halls shaped a bit like an animal “Unicorn”, I take a tour map to see it, just as I measured, surrounded by white marble stairs where Yan Ran is a creeping head of “Unicorn”.


  Preserving harmony, each side has a side entrance, stepping over the threshold and reach the heavenly gate square, and amorous.


  Magnificent to behold, so I picked up a camera.


  Just in front of the Palace to see Dragon stone, Sunshine reflection a little dazzling did not see well, before now to preserving harmony behind the cloud Dragon stone, has preserved harmony shade to see right through them. Stone bottom of rivers and the sea, followed by five mountains above the town, the mountain ascending cloud mountain stream, nine dragons emerge in the cloud, lifelike. This is the largest piece of the forbidden city cloud Dragon stone, that stone moral town of Kowloon mountains rivers (dongyuetaishan, West mount Huashan, Heng, and song, and Hengshan mountain). Baohe Palace built in the stone above is representative of the Emperor statue of was 95, all subjects under the rule of Kowloon mountains rivers.


  Take a closer look at either side of the cloud Dragon stone steps, inscribed with various forms of deer, horse reliefs, each level is not the same for “Central Plains”, a pity that it was around there is no way near the steps of thin ornamental.


  Son of heavenly bronze lion in front of interested, but for a fence, he climbed up, and saw an animal this kid wanted to climb the statue sits, in attractions a few days later to see if he can climb the statue he had to sit down.


  The heavenly gate, the Imperial Palace was the Palace, as the name suggests, is the place where Emperor lives, living in his immediate family, grandmother, mother, original wife and concubines concubine, children, etc.


  Under the heavenly door plaque, inadvertently looked up and saw the renovation after the rags of smallpox, then I saw earlier network under the eaves of the building, does not know it is in order to prevent loss or prevent birds build nests in the eaves? Or it may be both taken into account.


  Heavenly right now has a lot of chairs for visitors to rest behind the door, Chair of modern and ancient buildings are considered incompatible, my 2010 year of time has not yet placed the chairs, it seemed, the Manager of the forbidden city there’s nothing artistic, greatly undermined the forbidden city’s appearance, should be designed with antique chairs.

  The history of the famous “Emperor Kangxi except OBOI” location is in the heavenly gate of the South occurred in the study, is the novel “the deer and the cauldron” trinket and met Emperor Kangxi.


  See the Palace structure is found, Heavenly Palace, Thai Temple, kunning Gong, three buildings and seen in front of the Hall and the Hall of Central harmony, Hall of preserving harmony of the patterns is the same, it is just a smaller version of the three main halls, meaning should be greater for small, King is also to bear in mind the country.


  A photograph of a failed, resplendent and magnificent basilica was originally filmed this way. “Business” the word is said to be from the hand of Emperor shunzhi, here is the place where Ming and Qing dynasty emperor to deal with day-to-day Government Affairs, or “marking the throne”.

  Dragon behind the throne, Emperor tired rest here. Apart from the Emperor, here, and even the Queen can’t sleep here, because this is where the Emperor run State Affairs, is no place for sex, hehe … ….


  After the Palace, is a Thai Temple, said the Emperor kept a seal, with dozens of people.

Kunning Gong door pattern has a pair of Dragon and Phoenix pattern, I found that Palace is no chicken before, may be I didn’t watch it.

  The Kun Ning Gong behind closed doors all the year round, our visitors only on door, window, peering through the glass room, due to the reflection of the Sun and the distance is too far, and I see no reason why, just know that this is where the Queen live and the place, but is deserted. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties marry Queen is basically a political marriage, no feelings whatsoever on the Queen of the Emperor, the evening goes to luck favorite concubine, so many Queens are living alone, is the so-called Palace of cold, even if you’re the mother instrument, commanding the Sannomiya sippr is also not shouhuogua scorned? That he created Empress in power, adulterous and Palace life style.

  To Kun Ning Palace behind, is Imperial has, came to here, today go has is long of road, from out Metro station began tour square, and had Tiananmen, and into forbidden city, only in noon eat Hamburg of when sat had a will, I of feet began pain up has, wife also said tired have go not moving, instead is son also is spirit Olympus of, saw left has commissary, on noisy with to eat bread drink beverage.

  OK, just sit here for a minute and rest, we tour the forbidden city one-third, there are a lot of places not go yet.


  Go through kunning gate back to the Royal Court, which had a lot of plants, now only old trees garden for visitors to enjoy. Introduction to garden opposite the two knots with the cypress trees, is known as the double trunk, under the double trunk photo, couples couples love each other more, friends girlfriends increasing friendship; legend has it that the double trunk was an emperor of the Qing dynasty due to missing his wife and ordered the plant out.


  On the double trunk tales and poetry in the thousands of years ago, people would still have passed, one of the most classic way of Bai Juyi’s song of regret “that we wished to fly in heaven, two birds with the wings of one, and to grow together on the Earth, two branches of one tree.” The forbidden city since the Qing dynasty’s last emperor, Puyi, was out after by Feng yuxiang, open until now, there were many dignitaries in Beijing took on the tree, photos circulating on the Internet of which Taiwan official Lien Chan and his wife; although we are not rich, but since coming here, naturally, to take a picture.


  Married tree Hou is “days a door”, has a Khin Ann Temple, door closed, only heard inside for has statue spirit beast, I wants to this God should is and basaltic about of, because had has here is smart door has (ancient said basaltic door), thought here, I came, forbidden city of pattern is five five square, left Dragon, and right White Tiger, and Qian Suzaku, and Hou basaltic, and in the Kirin; wood fire soil five azimuth respectively is located in North in the; 108 mouth copper cylinder representative 108 stars and so on…….


  This square floating Dragon stone carving fine, worthy of appreciation, but the fences to protect, a point not to watch.

  Introduction to garden. Garden is small, compared to the front Palace, is very small, just 10 minutes stroll, but the garden also features worth slowly tastes, you can feel the Ming and Qing dynasties Emperor and his concubines were in love, we can imagine how precious human life is the Emperor’s boring. History has a number of emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties endure boring lives of the emperor often sneaks out of the House to play in spite of State Affairs, including “you long XI Feng” the hero of the story under the Ming dynasty Zhu Houzhao Li Fengjie, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty Jiangnan, more due to go out and run around a brothel and infected with sexually transmitted diseases, the Tongzhi Emperor.


  Due to here of housing no front see of so high, I in shopping Imperial of while on can appreciate to roof Shang fine of roast porcelain small God beast, whole forbidden city all of buildings roof Shang are has such of roast porcelain God beast, which I said obtained name of has Dragon, and Phoenix, and Kirin, and Lion, other of I on not understand has, except God beast do have fine zhiwai, cover in roof Shang of glazed tiles also very fine, WA TOU Shang are printing has fine of pattern, roof angle all with leading foil.

  Forbidden City also has a special feature that is glazed tile is all Golden, only Palace Golden glazed tiles on the uses of buildings can be used, others covered with yellow glazed tiles of the House but decidedly, even the brother of the Emperor, and only with green glazed tiles, I visit Prince Gong’s mansion the next day witnessed the legend.


  We swim Imperial garden, from the West Gate in forbidden city tours to West Road, a sign inside the door marked road tour, the forbidden city is too big, we came to this location, tour the forbidden city one-third.


  Two door, saw the alley was familiar, right? Right side door into the Palace storage. Watched TV a lot over the years TV has this scene of the Imperial Palace of the Qing dynasty, the Chu Xiugong is the year when the concubine, Empress Dowager Cixi lived in the harem House (so called Empress Dowager CI XI), entered the Palace main gate reserve must go through the alley.


  Into visit Chu Xiugong, here of room are is shut with of, only from door outside and the window peep indoor treasures, there of things most is Empress Dowager Queen with had of, is David level of antique has, see with these treasures, attract I of not because it of beauty, but because it of priceless, if I has one or two pieces, I of family hundreds of mouth people and the Hou three generations from on can from poverty. I think that staff of the forbidden city will turn to steal chicken? Antiquities shipped out some really left fake? Some time ago the Internet was not spread: Palace Museum reported the theft?


  Chu Xiugong wall paint and wood have a lot off, plus is now a sunset shot, is white, so it makes me feel a little desolate and poor and lonely, may also be concubines lived where Yin YEUNG Sum, don’t know other visitors here have not sympathize.


  Chu Xiu Li Grand view behind the Palace is open to visitors, it retained a lot of the last emperor Pu yi’s, I shot a lot of photos would not have put them.

  Visit finished Li Tropicana, out of storage show Palace backdoor, has 4 o’clock has, in tourism off-season Palace of closed time is 4:30, now 4 o’clock staff on began shut part scenic door has, we again wants to to tour other several Palace has no time has, early know tour forbidden city to so more time, I should in morning just door of when on began came play, with a all day time play forbidden city.


  There is still half an hour, we went to Tai Chi Temple to the East through Yongshou, Yongshou returned to the Thai temple near the Palace.

  In the forbidden city, standing in every angle, each location has a different hotspot, went back to the old road, looks are not repeated.


  Four o’clock in the afternoon in Beijing, will see the moon high in the sky, the photo below is the Palace door at the back of the building.

  Yulin city in us, not to see the Moon at night, may be the longitude and latitude to different problems, Beijing, and Yulin city we differ by 1-hour time difference, out of the Sun early in the morning, evening the sun sets early, this November, Beijing at 6 o’clock in the morning at dawn, 5 o’clock in the afternoon until it was dark. Remembered before school think of a problem, our school in Yulin, June, why get to school at 7 o’clock in the morning, with the difference of an hour in Beijing, why not put off for an hour to get to school? When the weather is cold, Yulin 7 o’clock we still on? I fill sleeping in class every day, and study and later, still have to do my homework. Think back when I was really bitter, life class is class, the weekend also lessons! Think about it, I’m worried about my son’s future, he would follow in my footsteps, don’t want to go to school, always skip it?


  Way small catch, we was “catch” out Palace, couldn’t help back more looked a eye, see with Guo Mo-RUO’s problem of “Palace Museum” five a characters makes I dejected, I in door outside also in Miss inside fascinating of attractions, regrets of is enough time tour finished forbidden city, cannot ornamental other not to had of place, see online others of travels, fundamental experience not to personally tour of feel, not know what years what months, I can again tour Palace, to Shi, I will with all day of time shopping finished forbidden city in of each a corner.


  The moat outside the gate, Beijing locals say cheese River, the waters around the forbidden city for a week, the width of 52 metres, only old and four doors into and out of the forbidden city, a moat in ancient wars can play a role in the defense.

  Moat of scale is pretty big of, station in river side see landscape took took photos also good, Qian some when I in online see a article on cleanup moat of reported, clear out many garbage, are is visitors threw of corn, and beverage bottle, and plastic bags,, I thought those visitors of quality is poor, no wonder in abroad has many attractions not welcomes we Chinese, so this Beijing Tourism along the I are taught son put garbage threw garbage barrels in, taught he do a has quality of people.

  We took some photos in front of the powerful when it is getting dark, and had planned to go to Jingshan Park to play opposite, we hear of going up the mountain, his wife and son were not willing to walk, and looks down to the dark color, had to be dropped. Fortunately, I insisted on the last day in Beijing Jingshan Park, don’t let us miss to see panoramic views of the city.

  We walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the other side, walk about 100 meters to the West, and then we take the bus 109 to caishikou station take bus 14 in kaiyang Bridge South Station, the return of bus routes are also planned, though, or is experiencing traffic jams after work hours, time is when we get off 6:30.

  In we Xia bus back hotel of road, has many between catering shop, due to is first days in Beijing, not know son can eat have used Beijing of food, so I asked has which a between has fried rice of sat down to eat dinner, this is a between dumplings shop, called what name I forget has, signs dish is delicacies dumplings, I points has a copies delicacies dumplings, and shrimp dumplings, and ham intestinal egg fried rice. Here of dumplings is to “two” pricing, three “two” up sold, I thought three “two” weight rarely, on first points some try try taste, know end up is per person a market, I also thought is waiter Xia single Shi mistake has number, a asked waiter said: this is three “two” of copies, Yes, total received you 60 Yuan. Beijing is indeed a “big” cities, even the food is great, beijingers eat, we eat some food, and get the package back to the hotel when the late-night snacks.

  Said up Hotel, I in here windbag about, I in starting Qian days on call 010114 set room, at set room of price is standard between 146 Yuan/days, yesterday to has hotel of when cash register member is only “black-God”, black mouth black of, tone poor have is, said to received 198 Yuan/days, I a listening to dumbfounded has, this thing also let I hit has, I do Beijing tourism plans in online selected hotel Shi see was said some hotel in set room Shi is a low price, to make money Shi on into a high. TNND, seems to do quite a number of hotels were bandits who Rob Rob? My 2010 year when travel arrangements in the hotel, I felt this hotel room is not bad, and restaurant meals, the most important is to save money, and ordered the “Jing Ming Hotel kaiyang bridge”, a few days later I’m increasingly disappointed, but also by a lot of gas.

  When told to raise prices without a fight to me, saying: you give me my money back, I go to other hotels do business you have no integrity whatsoever, I want to complain about you. Say it reminds me of my call 114 did not pay a deposit when booking, where money come back? Oh! The “black gods” or a black face, to hear me say that more black faces, after she made a phone call back I can stay, I pay 600 Yuan cash deposit and cash, not credit card.

  I sent in my money card, prepare a room, the “black gods” to trick me, I opened the suitcase to check, and check in the lobby here, I thought it was because of the recent frequent terrorist attacks to enhance security, but I found out the next day and there were no other guests ‘ luggage.

  Forget, not said this rip-off of “Beijing Ming hotel” has, also is said back Chase, we eat have is full, on in near bulk about step way in supermarket buy some to tomorrow with of eat of things, like wet towel, and dry food like of, in this near maximum of supermarket is “real beauty supermarket”, it of scale is unlikely to, only is a small and medium of supermarket, I personal shopping had of most large supermarket should is Nanning of “Wal-Mart” has, also has forget name of is located in Guangdong Panyu “in ren hole” village near of big stores, It impressed me on two points: first, when I was in the supermarket with greater urgency exit went straight to the bathroom to taking 5 minutes; 2nd is “benevolence” village in Yulin dialect and Cantonese with us “woman” sounds like. Oh, my mind is not so evil?

  Due to the time constraint, came back and is very busy with work, my travels to Beijing on and off to write, and now for over a month to finish the first day, the subsequent nine days in Beijing I would have taken more time to write, I will continue to post, so stay tuned everyone looks forward to.



In Beijing the next day, we decided to go to the great wall in my plan, was not in the second day of the great wall, change plans, because I heard some of the attractions is not open on Mondays, I was in Beijing Monday, just the second day, in order not to go the wrong way, we chose to climb the great wall the next day.

This morning, we are still up at 6:30, near the hotel eating pasta left, I have not mentioned the hotel restaurant? In 2010 I came was with the group, so have breakfast at the hotel, now I’m free, this is not permitted in the restaurant of the hotel fit, so you want to eat out for breakfast.

After breakfast we follow a route plan “South railway station take the underground Line 4 line to the Xuanwumen Subway Line 2 line to jishuitan station” and out of the port a further to the East, about 500 meters to get de Sheng men watchtower in that position, behind the bus to the great wall is in the watchtower.

Here I borrow Watchtower photo shoot, I didn’t shoot because you want to hurry, come back bad and because it was getting dark, and the camera has no power, so there is no racket.

Watchtower, as its name suggests, is the building of Defense launch arrows from the inside, deshengmen’s Watchtower is also a tourist attraction and is open to visitors, because it is not in my travel plans, so I didn’t go to visit. Beijing now Watchtower how many I don’t know, I can see there are two, another in Qianmen, travels in the future I’ll go into that.

Watchtower is a majestic spectacular of building, see with high of wall and the arrows eye, can imagine ancient keep city of bows hand and siege of bows hand on shot Shi million arrows align sent of scene, over corpse wild, rivers; war is cruel bloody of, regardless of is ancient of knife sword bow spear or modern of muskets Cannon, a playing up first suffer of is poor mass.

Today Monday, although to attractions of people less has, but to work of people is more has, we took Metro Shi encountered work peak, people more have outrageous, turned line Shi has paragraph aisle suddenly variable narrow (Metro line Zhijian turned took must to walk a away), crowd squeeze have dense of, almost put I son squeeze into Patty, but I and wife a Qian a Hou put son nursing in middle, I tied good lunges tightly resisted from behind squeeze to of crowd, little of forward, squeeze has more than 10 minutes only from this dangerous zone, Sweat-out a false alarm.

To deshengmen Watchtower, there are many bus routes, bus to the great wall behind the Watchtower, a former 919, now changed to 877, I heard it was because many black cars take crazy scams 919 919 road is bad, so I changed it to 877 go to the great wall.

From de Sheng men to the great wall, in the case of traffic jams to 70 minutes ‘ drive, today is Monday, roads in good condition, it’s handsome enough, along the scenery is not bad, just squeezed so hard in the subway had earlier thrown beyond the nine-night mood.

877 Hill car park bus terminal is the great wall, got out of the car through a ladder up the shops to reach this location some distance from the ticket. In shops Street, I to son buy has a Deputy sunglasses, he in Tiananmen Square Shi see we wearing on noisy with to has, at near no sold he also make has one temper, if in home, ultimately a meal “cane stew pork”, in wall above see family with telescope, and noisy with to, down Hou I also is in here to he buy has a child telescope, this Beijing tour, son on make has two times temper, I no playing son, just to he told truth, in behind of days on variable good has, He knows that as long as I promised I will buy it for him.

Surrounded on this asphalt road rarely, we walked all the way to the ticket did not see a vehicle pass through, is a walking tour to the great wall for tourists, I wonder where does this road lead? I came back and looked it up on the Internet, known in ancient Beijing, the road leading to the desert North of Mongolia … Martial arts shot carved hero biography in of Guo Jing Warrior when is go this article road into Zhongyuan via Tianjin again from waterway to South area ran world of, later Yuan Mongolia people ruled China in Beijing established capital (Yuan most), Royal Zhijian to convenient home visits (Yuan Shang are), often from Juyongguan, let this road in at prosperity up has, on like silk road or tea horse of road as.

Oh, it says that I just make up some history, real history should be the Yan State in the warring against the Huns after the construction of the great wall, in time of peace to facilitate trade with the country and to the road traffic.

Past the exit road often causing boulders rolled down the mountain through human or animal casualties now, tourists to the great wall, in order to avoid accidents, road by the Beijing Government on both sides of the fence, so as not to rock suddenly rolled down.

Ten minutes away, we come to the ticket office, in big letters on the Chengguan are here “guyan outside the town”, is just now, I said that the highway will be the way. The location troops or set in ancient times square “enceinte” of many guard posts, is scrutiny in General (Commander) Office Live where, in ancient times the “enceinte”, there are many businessmen in business, merchants in this Board in the past breaks reorganization.

Inscribed “Badaling” words of boulders is the landmark of the Badaling great wall, here in line took pictures of people wave after wave, although not too many people to visit the great wall today, but like this picture of landmark attractions, there are a lot of people waiting in line. In, has five or six batch people, and let has dozens of a people photo, and and was dozens of a people queue Hou, wife finally couldn’t help has, pulled son up a people station a a angle, I quickly took has several photos, next of sister a face not happy, thought we is queue of, she know actually is she plug we of team, we are, have somewhat angry has, in we zhihou to of people lifted camera row has a circle, put I this “photo phase Division” are squeeze to aside to has. Well, good thing we are all highly qualified people without linguistic conflict, behind the sights I saw some tourists in each other “greeting” each other’s family, even asking the ancestors 18 generations.

Ming late period of “Kamui General” gun, according to history book by said, this gun because with wheels convenient transport, in siege swept to play is big role, in history in the, who home of weapon badly, who of odds on big, but this gun of range not far, precision degrees also poor, Caine thick of buildings especially wall wall fundamental playing not moving, Gates like of wood business class building on block not has.

“Kamui General” gun of lethality not like modern Cannon as, shells to has destination only fried from caused to shells for Center points of round anti range, but like fan or round tapered as of of anti range, main is to people and horse caused fatal hurt, because gun tube in loaded of is iron iron nail like of things, a cannon dozen out, close muzzle of enemy immediately into WaSP Wo, plainly “Kamui General” gun is a door large of sand gun.

Seeing the great wall the entrance to the ticket office, very few people without queuing for tickets, November is now the great wall tourism season, very windy in the great wall, are blowing across the desert, less so in winter to the great wall, I heard that season lined up to buy tickets to the photographed places now.

Season tickets for the great wall is 35 Yuan, tickets to attractions on the South end of the line, because a scuttle the Red column small, so is the Tower of the Badaling great wall is unique, but we have enough time to go through the Badaling great wall.

Over the wicket, a group 1 on each side about 4 small five barrels, sons sat taking pictures again, surprisingly few people, and no one rushed to take pictures, we took on a touch here more than 10 photos.

Carefully see these gun, and front of “Kamui General” gun has difference, these gun is fixed in stone Shang of, big of that tube than “Kamui General” gun long, tube wall and thick, from beginning to end bore gradually variable rough, is after Qing dynasty improved has of “red Yi Cannon”, range than “Kamui General” gun far many, built in fixed of stone stage main is used to Fangcheng, small gun of power although than Cannon, but WINS in mobility good, with moved with with, can activities in wall Shang throughout arrows eye against siege of enemy.

See history information, Ming of “Kamui General” gun and Qing dynasty of “red Yi Cannon” are is first imports European Netherlands or Spain of sample version, then imitation, although late in technology Shang some improved, but after all not independent development, again plus at of Chinese feudal conservative, not accept science, conditions slowly declined, so in Ming and Qing Dynasties period of weapons stalled, that Yu in “red Yi Cannon” appeared of 200 years Hou of opium war in the caused Qing dynasty army one-sided of situation, eight-power allied forces Shi more is playing have China riddled with.

Walk again, it is a fork, Badaling great wall is divided into North and South lines, stood on the platform at the fork, South is down, North is up the hill people uphill walk of this even my 5 year old child knows, pointing to the high wall said “I want to go. ”

North building, a few steps away from the road, easily reached, the son said he could go on one foot, North building, I said to him, “I give you a picture, you come home and your buddies blown up, say you can on a single foot of the great wall. ”

In North behind the building, son to hold the door in thought, suddenly jump out saying “touch (m), Dad, you see, this place is like a spelling-the touch (m), there are two doors. ”

The first floor of the North, later took a picture, the beauty isn’t this position, field is not wide enough, to look down on to the top is the most beautiful. Now it is winter and tree leaves have withered away on the mountain, standing in the wind blowing here, looking at the mountain of dry Brown, felt very desolate, this is known as the desolate beauty? Blues with a feeling of happiness? If it is in the spring and summer time to visit the great wall, the green hills, it would be yet another State of mind.

Child naughty, see less a will he on climbed this climbed that of, he wants to climbed to wall side Shang photo, because he see just has personal station up photo, on has sample learn sample; although this location of wall flat not steep, outside away from ground also on 7, and 8 meters, but to security, put dangerous coefficient reduction to minimum and no dangerous, I also is put he hold down. Internet does not bring some people in a certain area such photo was blown down the cliff on one? Because I don’t want my family moment and accident injuries.

Son asked me why the walls on either side are not the same? I said to him:

“In the old days, short side belongs to us Chinese land, high side outside of that piece of land belonged to the Huns, Chinese people in order to protect their land, would separate the great wall built to resist the enemy. ”

Son asked: “Hun was so hard? ‘ Looks like? ”

“Hun people certainly fierce’s, eyes greatly of sent green light, nose like Eagle of mouth, teeth pointed pointed of, hungry has eat didn’t cook had of meat, thirsty has drink horse blood, hair and long and mess, they all day riding with horse, took with bows, a saw we Chinese on shot died, run to housing in snatched woman and eat of food also rich, also put elderly Ah, and men Ah, and children all killed; they of arrows operation is badly of, is far are can shot, you see side high of wall, has crenel and arrows eye of this surface is blocked bows of, We hid in the back from these eyes launch arrows to fight the Huns. “History class my son, HA HA.

“Why do they want to Rob women? Now there’s the Huns? “Son this, really frightened, unconsciously hiding behind the wall.

Why Rob a woman? I write travel now still really do not know how to explain to him, so I skipped the question, telling him:

“The land now there are Chinese, are all Chinese, Huns, blocked by us, the great wall, is not enough for us, Rob us of food and money and went to eat, starving, they disappeared on Earth a long time ago. “Then I took him to move on.

See the photos, everyone must have thought it was a legendary hero. I now wrote travels back here, wants to not up is North II floor also is North three floor following has, like this State has “not to wall non-hero” of Word tablet in North paragraph wall I see had three a, I 2010 years to of that also didn’t found these word tablet, may is in recent years only built of, convenient those didn’t approach to North eight floor hero slope of elderly pictures Memorial of.

The monument is also a lot of people in line for pictures, my wife when we were finished by a group of elderly people, they just go, can’t you take some pictures to a bunch of middle-aged and older adults, may be with the group, crowd, made his wife was with their “photos”.

When more and more people take pictures, and I want to take some pictures of his son, a young girl jumping Rob an elderly aunt, had a run-in, noisy quarrelling they “regard” House man, saw this, we leave here to continue.

Come to the third floor of the North, it is a tower with no roof, looked out of the window in the third floor of the North, see a beacon, which many people thought those towers on the wall is a beacon, in fact, this is a veritable beacon, fair trade.

Distance between beacons at 5-10 km, is never the one hundreds of meters, was built the Tower, one General (Commander) or research on soldiers ascended to watch, and secondly General (Commander) passed between the military orders. No telephone communication in ancient, wise generals invented waving flags (waved torches at night) into the number of orders, and stood in the upstairs of the flag so they can quickly transfer orders.

Similarly, beacon signals should also be generals into military orders, why it’s called smoke signals? Here also has a learned, burning dry of Wolf manure produced of smoke convergence in with, not easy scattered, line up rises, General are on can through cut or release smoke of times to passed orders, to I of guess, with thick of wet cloth to four a people opened cover with Yantai on can cut signals, cover to must degree again put cloth opened, formed intermittent of smoke, has long has short, on can into orders has, Morse password should is reference we ancient these method and invention of.

After North three floor, here has a wave visitors, is this place crowded up has, I to son photo Shi has no intention of between took to this foreign visitors beauty, photos left took phone of is beauty of father, family was is photo of, son just into to to I to he photo, this boy must is wants to and beauty photo, small age on knows put sister has, later returned to home turned see photos, I asked she is wants to and beautiful sister photo, he a face grin run not answered.

This beauty of a home people and we destined, this days total encountered had three times, second times forget is in yuanmingyuan also is Summer Palace has, third times is last day in Beijing Tour finished Jingshan Park take bus met, at we in bus Middle door next, she on front at asked conductor Shi after I side only found they a sat in car tail seat Shang; near distance of met, I see have is clear, this beauty Bai Zhe fresh of skin, looks age didn’t over 17 age, head and face of proportion than we China woman small, blonde bi eye , Pretty noses, talk and smile when her white even teeth, perfect facial contours, not very tall, after my wife notices that a little shorter than my wife, about 4000px height, to my taste, is a Western dish; Belle gives off a faint scent, I don’t understand the perfume, I do not know what perfume. Smell the aroma, plus close looking dish, I was drunk, stupid looking, my wife laughed at me in a side: “drool? Only bottles you Meng? (Yulin language) “

Beauty a probably central to a shopping mall, she says “XX Xidan Shopping Mall” in the note asked the conductor where to get off? How to go? Since girls do not understand Chinese, the conductor did not understand English, gesturing after a few words, sitting in front of a couple of rescue, the young man said pointing to the car in front of a bunch of English, his finger a few times, beauty just nod and say “Thank You”. She to car tail enrollment waved motioned she of family Xia a station on the got off has, I see and she peer of family has parents and a a brother total four people, because I listening to she and that on couples talk in the mentioned “Family” (family), “Brother” (brother), last vaguely heard that on couples female of asked she: “Where are you come from?” (Where did you come from? ), And beauty answers “Scotland” (Scotland). Girls and couples shook hands to say thank you when you get off, female lovers have fun in Beijing “Have a good time,Bye!” Wife asked did I understand what they say? I replied “of course understands you when I do see a gweilo over the years? I just don’t know how to speak English. ”

From North between the third floor to floor, North of the great wall began a steep, uphill after we had gone a little downhill sat down to have a rest, drink some water and then continue to climb. This section of the great wall is really of use to climb up, ladder is very steep, halfway to look down, feet are soft.

In Shang North four floor most steep at, middle and on both sides are with handrails, case accident, then just has a frame helicopter flew, son and wife back head view, let I capture to has this Beijing of Brigade most beauty of a Zhang photos, all see had this Zhang photos of people are said took have is good, people of form expression is natural, views and beauty, sky blue blue of, Sun direct light and sufficient, people and King perfect of fusion in with has. I do photography, a friend said if I take this photo photography game, winning, professional cameras are not necessarily conclude the effect, and I was a fool.

Although I am a little heights, but after a stand looking out into the distance, not dizzy, due to good weather, open view, overlooking the majestic scenery, see extended stretches into the distance until you see the great wall, feeling the ancient wall was a huge project, I do not know how much manpower.

See photo on the right, seeing a housing and plain, there is a road from the box office to get there, I guess there is in yanqing County. Don’t know my history and geography but close? In spring warring States times to wall for territories, side is Han of land, another side is Han yiwai of other minority land, to five dynasties and ten Kingdoms period Qian, wall are is as borders separated of; Hun people disappeared Hou, wall North of of minority constantly grow, after 1000 hundreds of years of war, to has five dynasties and ten kingdoms, yanqing County and the Beijing area respectively followed by was Liao country, and Jin occupies and capital this, more than 200 years Hou Mongolia and out has gold, and song, also in Beijing established capital, Badaling of this paragraph wall on no longer is borders has And because the great wall is separating Han Chinese and ethnic boundaries, so during the Yuan dynasty known as the “beyond” is actually the area north of the great wall. In the Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang to Mongolia after being back, in order to prevent them from making a comeback, and built the great wall, so we climbed the great wall was built in the Ming dynasty.

Down the steep stairs to the North on the third floor looking down, saw the “legendary” the slide stop, I personally think that as long as the feet range, can walk the road, it is not necessary to slide the car into wall. To tour wall, if not by double feet a step a footprints of go a again, fundamental taste not to whole paragraph Badaling great wall of scenery, more feel not to climbed wall of fun, because in here, each go a step, and each stepped a brick, and each stepped on a stamped mud, are has different of feeling, and even is same of locations, each a times set foot, mood are not as.

Here, it was already noon, also add energy, and yesterday we ready dry food, but keep a tea drink, so going to the ramp to the ticket office next to the store to buy two bottles of water. Go down the ladder on the right of the shop, there is a pile of stones and a son’s love, each stone he wanted to climb it again, where after a few photos for us to sit down for a while.

Dry food is at noon “fish sandwich”, this unique “sandwich” spread some DACE, sandwiched together with bread and chomp, chew slowly, mouth full of fish flavor. Well……, never eat had such delicious of Chinese Western, also never in so has mood of environment Xia enjoy had lunch, ancient was said: “days for was, to for bed, cosmopolitan……”, now I said “days for lamp, to do Taiwan, I has Sun lunch……”.

My mood just be selling shops are the one of the water a bit, but it is still pretty cool, unpleasant emotions already have been left out of the nine.

About shops, scenic restaurants ranked first. Eat seafood “were machetes kill a blood” of life and death, I don’t mention, now I say “1 litre boiling water choke” thing: I bought two bottles of water, and then I said to the owner helped me fill my own 1-liter teapot, you guess the owner say? He said, “a pot of boiling water for 10 Yuan, and now I do not sell to you, you want to drink hot water, get a bucket of Master Kang instant noodles, 15 a barrel. “Oh, did not expect the master became accomplice of unscrupulous scams I dumb dumb, just wanting to” greet “the black owner of zuzongshibadai, but then I thought about it, he zuzongshibadai what matter? Him all bad is one thing, I’m not supposed to “greet” his family, what I want to think of a “greet” his words, usually only know “Greetings” is about the family of the other, so I smiled and turned to leave.

In here I couldn’t help to plug Shang a behind in summer palace about shops of thing: we in summer palace a shops met a buy yogurt of your woman visitors, pretty has temperament of, said has a sentence special classic words “you of yogurt than outside of your so more……, you of happy rich is established in we of pain consumption on……, I on is rich, also not willing to such spent……. “I never expected people to buy yogurt said, more classic” I’m a working, earn your money not mine, not my boss, my boss’s boss or boss’s boss’s boss, always says you are not satisfied with the acquisition. ”

“Water” full “package” full, we continue to move forward, away from the highest point of no more “distant”, and no more than two or three Hill Road.

We 8 o’clock began from Beijing South Station took Metro, and to deshengmen Watchtower took fast BA, and boarded wall to North four floor eat lunch, now has noon 1 o’clock more has (you can from Sun as in people body of shadow see out is noon time), we a three eloquence go has Badaling great wall North line of three points a away, here of views is is too beauty has, in other place see not to, we to slowly of go, seriously of see, let beauty in we of mind in more left a will.

I back head to took has a Zhang slide station of photos, due to camera lens to light, took out of effect than front of poor far has, is color of level sense are no, I with of is SONY single tablets machine, model W390, camera just listed then advertising blow have smallpox dazzled, I couldn’t help buy has a Taiwan, but using up also is is convenient of.

Starting from the floor, North, distance between the towers is a bit far back, son, nor bragged on a single foot of the great wall. To the North five-floor sleeping son sleepy used to NAP, passion play was significantly lower than the front a lot, don’t call me a photo, bei Wu Lou, I saw some features stop wife and son took a few photos.

Five buildings in the North, like the arch above the volumes of type has dozens of large and small the cave many, many visitors walk through on the inside, I heard someone say like a tunnel, I put a few holes later, really feel like in drill hole. Inside the Tower, there is a staircase through the roof, but the door was locked up above to reach the top. Here of wall Shang dense of carved full has visitors of name, greatly of damage has heritage, in ancient when, “Tablet Shang remembered, history Shang save green……” only lost of talent will in wall or stone Shang carved Shang name, not understand why now of people live have good of, dry well to carved a name let people misunderstanding is has “celestial” has does? Engraved name is his?

In summer, the cool here is definitely a good place, but it is winter now, a North wind blowing, narrower volumes seem to wind power amplification, whirring, just want to mouth, mouth stuffed with the wind, but for wearing glasses, my eyes are not open, so we left here.

Said up wall North, I and had to said a thing: I 2010 early times to wall is winter, then only face and hand coated has run skin cream, was wall Shang of North blow has two hours zhihou night returned to hotel bath Shi found, thigh inside on both sides and spicy and itch, wash finished bath out a see, full has countless article small blood, only know was North blow crack has skin, a met hot on seeping blood has, thigh inside of skin is human most tender most sensitive of, even is across has pants, also inevitably was dry of North blow crack. I have while drawing on the experience of last time, the family applied moisturizer all over, also specially bought in the supermarket blow most of “treasure”, was rend the thighs, and just the inner thigh is rend.

North six floors and was barred, “forward repair, closed” sign hanging on the door, visitors enter the Tower,/f, do not go to the North, moving from the path to copy the past, bypassing the section of the great wall.

I took this photo was taken when standing in front of the public health team, said earlier that no public restrooms on the great wall, to visit people, down from the towers of the great wall solution, very uncivil, to go to the great wall many smell of urine came back saying the great wall.

You see distance high of that tower is North seven floor, left that North six floor not passage, so North seven floor not open, only in distance took a panorama; I photo Shi also because go have too far, see photos not is clear, I in here explained about, North seven floor following is cliff, has 10 layer floor so high, is natural of Defense, wall posted with Cliff and behind of even up, and built has defense, just we go in that article path up looked, has many people touch with Cliff photo souvenir, we because urine urgent has catch with Shang bathroom so no up.

Row finished “HIV” Hou a pine, in this fork, above is to highest points North eight floor of road, we from left go to, see indicates brand, I only found just bathroom of near has a through mountain of hole, may is to ropeway sat tramway of (tramway and front told of slide car is two species different of car), if then we continues to up boarded North eight floor on can research I of guess has, but then wife shouted tired have go not moving has, son also said wants to back Hotel sleep, so we on from these mountain down has.

These mountain roads are paved steps, well, go on without a bit of strength, relax back to the beginning where the ticket office.

Before I checked out a lot on the Internet route, the authors introduced a general, very simple, I thought that the wall is a simple and easy thing, at the scheduled time to return the same way you were OK. I came to the great wall twice, like the forbidden city, without swimming spots were tour guides talk to the great wall for the first time, the flight attendant on the second coming was Pakistan fast talk, how they talk? Cheat me? Listen to me:

First times Guide to make more points time with we to shopping shop, from tour finished tombs car Shi began is time, only to three hours we tour wall, at she said has North eight floor is end, behind pass has, must original road to original road back, to in agreed of time returned to coach Shang, we these big village is listening to guide words, most people only boarded has North five floor on back has, only minority several people to to North eight floor only back.

Next time I go to the great wall sit 877 Pakistan fast, when Midway, flight attendants are warm notes and explains the great wall route, recommended tourists buy tickets to and from chute car, as she lined up and fold it! Folding Hou price is 115 Yuan (tickets 35 Yuan + Shang 30 yuan + Xia 30 yuan > 115 Yuan?), crew also deliberately said go finished North line open of tower to go 3 km, special reminded we to original road to original road back, wall back deshengmen of bus is 4:30 P.M., had has time on didn’t fast BA has, to wants to back deshengmen on have “playing of”, accidentally sat has black was will pit 5, and 600 Yuan fare.

As I listen to visiting the great wall must “go the same route the same way back,” and also worried about 4:30 miss the last bus, so we return the fork in the North on the eight floor below.

(To borrow a picture of floor in zhangbei, next time I go to the great wall took one more patch)

After returning to Yulin, I look at the photos taken at the great wall, thought not climbing the highest point, I feel a little sorry, search other people’s travels to see whether North eight building photos or instructions from other people’s travels and photographs, I realized: it is necessary to go the same route the same way back to the southern line, about 1 km, From Deng chengkou go finished North line to North 12 floor about is 2.5 km, South seven floor and North 12 floor of door are was seal has, respectively is North-South line of end, North 10 floor following has article stepped road can directly to 877 road fast BA parking, via bear paradise, without go back, and from North eight floor began to North 12 floor of views is Badaling great wall of essence where, I no to had that paragraph wall, in here on no say has, hehe…… Apart from 877 Pakistan fast, there are many other means of transportation on the great wall to Beijing, 4:30 don’t have to worry about missing a bit of 877, and again does not work, to Badaling station spend 6 7:30 S2 train back to Beijing North railway station.

If next time I go to the great wall, the cruise line will be like this:

Took Metro to Beijing North Station-Beijing North Station sat S2 train to Badaling railway station-> out railway station walk to located on the-> tour finished located on the tickets Deng wall-> gave up South line go north line until North 12 floor-> North 12 floor returns North 10 downstairs stepped direct bear paradise-> tour finished bear paradise as in 4:30 Qian sat 877 road back deshengmen took Metro; over 4:30 Hou walk after located on the to Badaling railway station took S2 train back Beijing North Station (in railway station near eat dinner)-> Beijing North station took Metro back hotel near.

Downhill return when two aircraft flying in the sky, we should see a hit, I quickly picked up the camera to capture one, my son yelled “just beat it! Just beat it! Plane crash “, was that two aircraft, after hearing my son shouted out of the way, I’m really pinched on the plane in a cold sweat.

Down the ladder along the great wall is located on the wall all the way to the box office, we see four-floor next to North “hero”, a group of tourists are lined up and took pictures of it. We don’t want a photo, continue down the Hill.

Soon, we will go back to “guyan outside the town” in front of, end of a trip to the great wall today, I look at this location for taking pictures, pictures a few here, accidentally photographed a colorful sun shone to the effect of, look at the photos, I explained, my son will know the Sun is made up of seven colours.

Beijing of tree Shang, everywhere are is nest, dang leaves off light Shi on show to has, I on Beijing which a features impression deep of is nest more have amazing, “nest” stadium is with nest for image, has is big factors is because Beijing nest more of sake, as long as is in winter to Beijing play of visitors, no leaves blocked, on will see tree fork Shang greatly small of nest.

We know from the way back to the parking lot, has more than 3 almost 4 o’clock today successfully concluded trip as planned, just a few steps did not go to the North and eight floor, inevitably to be regretted. 877 stops ago back, waited for 200 or 300 people, we ordered lined up on the train, car Manchus drove off a car, 10 minutes into our cab and return the car, was too tired to fall asleep sleep for ten tourists, ended the “inverted” a large man.

Pakistan fast return to Desheng gate, we took the subway back to the Beijing South railway station, walk to the hotel. While taking a shower at night, wife and son hot crazy when the rushed to the thigh, inner thigh strips of dry blood hot and itchy, itching to grab the sleeping in the bed, catching up and pain, a bad night’s sleep, sleep, sleep early tonight, sleep till 8 o’clock the next day morning.


On this day, not two days ago, got up early and walked two days and sleep well last night, until 8 o’clock this morning, a wash is completed, I asked my wife this hotel? I will go down and make money, unable to get my stuff to find another hotel. Wife wanted to say, despite the very poor conditions here, but do also can stay, too lazy to look for hotels in trouble. So I went to the first floor of the hotel services and more room for seven days, the reception I was a smiling beauty, smooth swipe, after the finish we went out for breakfast.

There are two roads from the hotel to the Beijing South railway station, distance is about the same today, we take another, halfway to see a shop selling fruit pancakes, I have wanted to try the pancake fruit flavor, not spicy so I bought three, picked up one of chomp, well…… “is terrible! “Bread didn’t salt taste, and eggs didn’t chicken taste, and vegetables didn’t dish taste, and crisp skin not crisp, is as chewing paper skin, I barely eat has several mouth, is is eat down to had to lost garbage barrels has, milk also difficult drink, water more bean less, if this shop in we Yulin, difficult was to visited has, forced, we to another a sold small cage package of shop eat breakfast.

Today is still a very fine day, we decided to go to Prince Gong’s mansion, according to plan “in the South railway station take the underground Line 4 line to the safe line station take Metro Line 6 to the North Sea in the North to get off, walk north to Prince Gong’s mansion…….”

Out of the subway station, some distance from the Prince Gong’s mansion, you can walk and enjoy the old Beijing alley features, we had just walked into the alley, saw a tour guided tours.

We just approached guides finished explaining, “three bridges alley 13th” don’t know which dignitaries were renamed, these buildings are new, are likely to be recently built, but in Beijing, even if it is fake antique House, is also justified by the Beijing Hutong old houses. Ah … …

Along alley has been go, soon on to has a crossroads, was to left 50 meters on to gong Palace has, but Providence shouldn’t we in this when into gong Palace, front of indicates brand was a guide of flag blocked has, we right looked to, see has recently offi cials of “celebrates Feng bun Pu”, not know is acquisition total visited had of that “celebrates Feng bun Pu”, we now just eat had breakfast, or on in try world is famous for its of celebrates Feng bun has.

We are in the “qingfeng buns spread” in front of a few store empty, listening to join hundreds of thousands of franchise fee, as is currently the case, hundreds of thousands of franchise fee frozen snow.

We walked a long way, at the side of the road there is a guide map, then I found walking the wrong way, take a closer look at the sign, if we go down this road for a lap and can go back to Prince Gong’s mansion, then went ahead, go see the sights the world famous “back Lakes” area.

Old Beijing Hutong, is full of people treading on rickshaws through the “back Lakes” area, do not underestimate these vehicles, worth every minute than bin Chi BMW, sitting in a circle to more than 100, those bike master particularly annoying, all around us, we went round to go down, at least more than ten people had bound.

Beijing is really smart, chain bicycle lock rods are so distinctive.

Through the narrow streets, shady Lane, we are deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery, your vision is like being suddenly magnified many times. Mood is a very, very cool, I could not help but cheer up, even a few “too beautiful! ”

Elegant environment, always exudes a casual atmosphere, sat down to rest here, as far away from the noise of the city, have unprecedented physical and mental relaxation.

Tranquility Lake, verdant century-old willows, and warm to the heart of the Sun, such beauty, and of course the photo.

Short break for a few minutes, we continued on the road, I do not know whether as a result of too early, walking in the way of pedestrians rarely, this scene at this time, it is consistent with my travel plans, but comfortable.

Walk “shichahai”, fresh air, people are energetic, son is full of power, proceeded to picture with foreign friends.

Come to a corner, the scenery is more beautiful, our “little photographers” make sure you take a picture for us, since commodity catalogues, just to show a few.

Back see this Zhang photos, I found a yiqian no thought had of phenomenon, that is child of senses world, children see of and we adults see of world is different of, because child short, front of many things was blocked has, he only see front is near of things, not like adults as see of than child far, see of also than child more, so children only with age of growth, body slowly of long high, less has block eye of obstacles, only will see have far, and necessarily more, “insight more wide” is tip of constantly ” See “and” discovery “process.

“Silver view scenery back”, we reached the back Lakes scenic “Silver ingot bridge”, there is the famous attractions, but it is still empty, few make me feel better.

Are places we do not engrave “XXX here” of bad behaviour, only at the Memorial here to ask for help to leave a shadow well.

On the bridge, we enjoy “back water” spectacle, but can’t seem to figure out why looking, how to go back in the water? At we are wants to not understand, also see not out, later I home Internet “Baidu” has about, only know so-called of water back actually is said this place of water is since East to West of direction flow, and not for China of terrain West high East low, water by West to East flow of natural phenomenon, is water once upon a currents backward sea, violation has nature. Tourists only in the silver bridge over the Narrows Bridge to see the direction of water flow, so slowly, “Silver view scenery back” just spread, fooled into millions of tourists come to this water.

“Back Lakes” is too big, walk in a circle no less than eight kilometers (around we said the rickshaw man), we swam “back Lakes” essence of the scenic spot, also had to go back to visit Prince Gong’s mansion, we don’t have to go back through the alley can reach.

In just silver bridge of South has a sold “Octopus small balls” of shop, son is like eat of a food, since we in Guangxi Nanning Zhongshan Road snacks Street eat had once zhihou on to forget it of delicious, home Shi weekend I often with son to “big run sent” to eat one or two box, although than Nanning of that document, but than Beijing of “Octopus small balls” delicious more has, in silver bridge buy of that box, we only eat has first mouth, on lost garbage barrels has.

“Bei guan Fang Hutong” Alley way of wide, than other alleys clean, again see the House or external walls are rebuilt, although give the feeling of clean and beautiful, but little antique tones. Here of courtyard many, which many is value “do” level of old House, in Qing dynasty, shichahai of this a old alley, live of dignitaries many, some level high, some level low, towards Chamber is by officials grade level distribution House to officials are live of, to difference officials of level, on see House door of luxury degree has; if wants to know which is Attaché of House, and which is civilian of House, that on Porter pier of shape is round is party?

Prince Gong’s mansion turned big rock, I found that the elite of the Qing dynasty have a soft spot for Boulder, within the existing gardens and ancient buildings in Beijing, there are more or less placed boulders.

Need not queue up, we bought tickets to Prince Gong’s mansion, we gently in the morning around a small circle of shichahai, already noon, time goes by really quickly, before the Prince Gong’s mansion, we ate some hot dogs at the door, corn snack, fill the stomach and then play that ate them in the scenic area “super price” of food.

Over the barrier and into the present is a pair of stone lions, I don’t know where it would be is the main entrance of the Prince Gong’s mansion, known in ancient times, only the “Mansion” to enter the three doors to the main building, the barrier is the first, this should now be the second door.

Prepared through the third door, where both wings closed, not open, so we just keep on visiting.

Haven’t been to before the Prince Gong’s mansion, let me here is not the owner of the “Prince Gong”, but the first owner and Shen, Shen and I was most impressed by is Heshen to be paid the value of the property when the property is actually 15 years revenue of the Qing government. Words and Shen Qing dynasty history, although the first corrupt official, but his record is brilliant, and he had a hard childhood, so studying very hard, is a Renaissance person. 23 age Shi Qianlong think he talent outstanding, began appreciated he, 26 age Shi on rose for u Yi Minister, equivalent to now of Heads of State first Secretary-General, age gently on into has Qianlong emperor of Deputy, a people zhixia million people on; he early home positions young SAP, filled with country of blood, a time within is a clean of good officer, but in officialdom in the dip long has, corruption feudal of system began erosion he, slowly of began enrichment and the clique. Later more is of is, into scene years of Qianlong emperor has is grave, thinking and energy serious recession, even words are said not clear has, is a has dementia syndrome of elderly, at is and Shen in control Court, towards representative Government Shi Qianlong emperor just a device products sat in throne Shang, series of major decision or issued Court, behavior actually are is and Shen himself in decided.

After the triple gate, this Courtyard courtyard called “Silver House”, called “yinluandian”, with the forbidden city, “throne room”. And Shen do has official zhihou, convergence to of wealth more have residence has put down, on in away from forbidden city not far of place heavily buy Xia 100 acres to (60,000 more square meters) built sites, he is not sovereign, but than sovereign also to cattle, built of “and House” scale in Beijing only than Palace low a grade, all sovereign of sites are than he of “and House” luxury, later he son married has Qianlong emperor of daughter, and Emperor into has in-laws, on playing up has Emperor of jiangshan idea, he can’t with Emperor dedicated glazed tiles, on with Green w cover House And Hall named “yinluandian”, meaning the Emperor I I II, even House axis is also similar to the forbidden city.

Into the “Silver House”, see “Gongwang” model diagram, solid in appearance, clear, facilitates our visitors visit.

Many indoor exhibits, pieces were valuable, shape of the roof, is a valuable work of art.

This item a few shirt not Heshen, Prince Gong is “Yi Xin” shirt, look at the size, estimated Prince Gong is not tall, is a frail little man, I think he never fought, did not know he had worn the shirt.

After visiting the “Silver House”, we walked right around “Fu Xuan”, “multi-Fu Hsuan” there was a Wisteria tree in the yard, is said to have been 200 years of history, therefore also known as the “Purple Wisteria House.”

Visitors cannot enter the “Fu Xuan”, see indoor air, and the Emperor, see Introduction to know here is the drawing room of the Palace, is “Prince Gong” Yi Xin to receive important guests place heard about national humiliation of the Treaty signed here in Beijing.

“With Norinobu setting” original is from and Shen of family, mean is warned grandchildren, only and Emperor of thought keep consistent, only will has enjoy not of splendor; we now see of “with Norinobu setting” four word is is from Empress Dowager Queen of hand, Empress Dowager Queen of mean again understand but has, is to “Gong Prince” Wilson Hin and she one heart and one mind, such “Gong Prince” Wilson Hin to Fu an long, obvious on “Gong Prince” Wilson Hin intimidation and pulled long.

“Fu Hsuan” followed by “lock road of Fame” Gong Wang Yixin font size “lock road”, named after, is the home of Gong Wang Yixin, he lived in the courtyard, the original device has ceased to exist, now as jades on show.

“Ka le Hall” is located Yu whole gong Palace of center location, normally said is most focus of building, and Shen built sites Shi should is he of bedroom, but history information said he of bedroom in “Ka le Hall” of West garden, here in Gong Prince period is Palace of sacrifice places, for with ancestors, and shamanism all God of sparked, now indoor what history device are no has, today array column in inside of is some calligraphy bonsai like of exhibition products.

In gong Palace in turned has several turned, we on points not clear direction has, then also on according to go go’s, after a article trail came to “remains light room” of garden, inside array column of is about gong Palace of history, some scholars experts argued vehemently that gong Palace is dream in the of “Grand View Garden” prototype, has many building and device quite anastomosis, many scholars experts will said “regardless of you letter not letter, anyway I letter has……” like words, but I wants to said, dream of author Cao Xueqin died of when and Shen only 13 age, Maybe when you started writing a dream of Red mansions and Shen are not born? I guess, and Shen was a scholar, is when the Chief scholar, he was a well-read girl fans, the dream of such a popular novel of the natural fall, and Shen developed later, subconsciously in the style of the architecture and landscape design of the mansion site, also became a “Prince Gong’s Mansion” is “Wonderland” evidence.

 We finally “Gongwang” most focused garden Tin Jin Zhai, again on a rock in the Middle, there is huge corruption was the residence of Heshen, located in the West of the Palace.

Heshen crush right money, shelters in the style of the forbidden city “better life”, we all know “better life” what place? “Ning life Palace” is Overlord live of place, is Emperor he Dad of residence, all wood using Jin Sinan, floor Pu spotted child mother stone, is most precious of wood and stone by built, these building materials is Emperor dedicated of, other people unauthorized using but death, so Qianlong of son Jiaqing Emperor sentenced and Shen of 20 article death 13th article is built “Ning life Palace” and the using has gold silk Nanmu.

Prince Gong’s mansion there is a row of two-storey building, now called the “House”, property of the hidden treasure was Heshen, he got by scraping most of the treasures, gold and silver are piled up here, a total of 99 and a half room, meaning a long time long.

“Buddha floor” behind II floor of spent window shape no a same, each a a are revealed with art breath; and Shen although brilliant, and educated, but he of memory again good, also remember not finished he that number not clear of treasures, so he on thought a approach, in hid treasure floor of behind design different shape of spent window, he as long as a see window of shape, on remember up the room hid has what treasures.

See this surface brick walls, than General of thick, inside should is hollow of, and Shen has part see shall not light of treasures must hid in inside, but this House several changed hands, treasures already was cut empty, only left unlimited imagine to descendants guess, but heard and Shen of HID treasure cellar from he home was copy, to I came to here of this paragraph time (2015) no was people found had, certainly also in “gong Palace” range within, I lucky words, has may in here found treasure Oh.

See “Buddha floor” are opposite of this row turned by barrels, believes and Shen is Lama taught believers, its where of national Manchu people most is letter Lama taught of, although I is Han, no religious belief, but I also believes turned by barrels will to we brings health, because side chanting side turned by barrels actual is in do movement, daily are do some movement, on body is has benefits of.

Through the “building”, is a large garden behind, than most of the Imperial forbidden city. “Prince Gong’s Mansion” is a Western European-style doors at the main entrance of the garden, the inscription on the door “static Swire” meaning and quiet environment, rustic feel.

The door and the building out, according to my estimates are not established pursuant to Heshen, and later I check, just as I test, the door is Prince Gong and, looking at first glance, gave the feeling of being strange, Prince Gong to get in the front door, it is superfluous, affecting beauty.

House and Garden have a length of about 180 metres, a width of 10 meters, “Jian DAO”, is said to be used to practice archery on horseback, but I guess it is because like an arrow-shaped as “Jian DAO”.

Ancients Aiseki since Needless to say, Garden stones quite a lot can be seen everywhere.

Odd stone “alone Le peak” in Garden in q days a column, stands not pour, “column” Xia flowers tufted, see have understand this stone of people are is “came” people has, except children, and boys, and girls or without humane of see not understand outside, came to here of visitors see has are is knowing a laugh, face with “bad bad” of expression. But, can’t say, “du Le peak”, hence the name.

Garden in of “bat pool”, pool of shape also really like a opened wings of bat, due to “bat” and “Fu” homonym, and Shen House in everywhere visible bat of shape, is said to have gong Palace within a total 9,999 a “bat”, and Shen so love bat, really like Western vampire of hobby, to bat company, may because so, and Shen on like vampire as draw people of money.

From the “bat pool” to go over on the right, there is a “vegetable garden art” gardens, saying Heshen, Prince Gong and other busy people how to have free time here grows vegetables fertilization “urine” playing “crap”? The garden either but now I do, set up either covered up secrets, such as cellar treasure boxes, tunnels and so on.

“Chuihuamen” small garden, people who have read the dream of coming here will surely find here very much like “really progressed.” Courtyard planted with bamboo, and even the fury of the Sun in broad daylight, inside look murky and dark, if this is the summer, here is the cool place.

Through the “chuihuamen”, in turn a few turns, has been hard to tell where there is, “snow dock” or “the Peony Garden” quiet environment is in a relaxed mood, it is a good place to heart for delight.

“The Playhouse” outside corner from the appearance point of view, I didn’t see what was so special about, then look inside the great article, I borrow someone else’s photographs provide insight into luxury theater.

Ancient people of entertainment way rarely, Opera Opera on into has most fine of entertainment project, is said to have and Shen please has a bunch of craftsmen show floor, let sat in inside of each a bit guests are can clear of heard Opera of voice, has “experts” “research” showed that, theater is with has a special of wood, with special of method processing after on can put voice zoom; so magic of place, is sing of play really of will “objective” does? It is necessary to explore. But I is regrets of told everyone, theater not reception bulk guest, only let tour of “your” guest in, I 2010 years to of when on do had a back “your” guest, tickets 70 Yuan contains into theater see performances, inside of table pendulum have is densely, to sat full 200 people words that is aijian rub has, we sat down to only drink has enough a small cup tea, Chair also no sat warm, on was “catch” has out, said truth, I completely feel not to Theater of magic where, because at is with speaker play music of, To say that my impression of what this theater, is that it makes me feel like “fools”. Hehe … …

Not into the theater, and started to walk the promenade to enjoy its spectacular, because the gallery was attractive and practical and artistic, that after the Empress Dowager Cixi in the destruction of the summer palace by British and French troops, rebuilding lives when people follow here was built the summer palace long corridor.

  Prince Gong’s mansion in the corridor was established and Shen orders, many buildings linked by corridors of his garden, even a rainy day can come to garden and comfortable than the Emperor and, worse, he also ordered the four masterpieces of some of the stories painted on it, in your spare time you can play while listening.

Rockery everywhere, I remember initial to Beijing Shi where see rockery are think is beauty is looks, on like I son is like these rockery, although capital attractions of rockery form thousands of, different, beautiful is understandable of, but due to see more has see used has, let I feel visual fatigue, especially Qian some when to had Yunnan province Hoodoo scenic see had Hoodoo Hou, these rockery is compared has.

See the signs onto the sloping corridor, which is at the top of the garden “invited to the platform.”

“Invite the platform” there is a God, from afar for a “blessing”, come to see “the three fathers of Taoism” full-length picture is standing in front of the incense burner, the words on the plaque I have studied for a long time before I see is “lucky star shines.” This God does not know of any valuables, hire a staff here.

We are “invited to the platform” last go round to enjoy the scenery, “invited the platform” North “bat”, we see there, close the door, not open will not go, and from the other side of the corridor.

Originally, we had just concluded that diagonal corridor is called “meteoric rise road”, others say “ladder of Tao”, from lower to higher walk is just the analogy and Shen in official circles on the road to advancement.

“Invite the platform” following “the verdant green rocks” is the most beautiful Palace and rockeries, and many tourists are in this photo.

The first “Fu” hidden “verdant green rocks” in the “secret cave”, the “Fu” is the hand of Emperor Kangxi, was Prince Gong’s mansion town treasure, value, all visitors came to the Garden have come to see, Prince Gong’s Mansion “Fu” color, and touched the “f” Word, hoping to dip “Fu” back. But unfortunately, we felt just a protection “Fu” glass, if millions of tourists are touched, “Fu” were touched not, HA HA, it’s “blessing” in front of scratching.

“Fu”, the garden library, we travel to the West were “clarification of cash show”, here are some bosses contracting, selling Prince Gong’s Mansion “Fu” souvenirs, shopping are local tourists, we took a look around.

I personally think that “clarification of cash show” views of the pond is in front of the garden is the most beautiful place, although Lotus leaves Lotus have faded, you can still imagine a few intimate friends at the pavilions in a Lake about wine, it’s one of life’s pleasant pleasure.

Walk into the Pavilion feel a lot, Garden “poetry and painting” the best place to be in this, the ink in the mind if I, you can improvise one or two doggerel, such a picturesque place, also called “poetic boats.”

At this moment, a cup of wine, chopsticks cuisine, you can bring people into the dream tour, so we took out the already prepared food “fish sandwich” to enjoy.

A circle round the pond road, Prince Gong’s mansion is basically finished tour, headed south, out of the garden by the “Yu Guan” there is a temple, and Shen Nong, “Yu Guan” on the garden side, Manchu people meaningful to them, the year is after Wu Sangui from “Yu Guan” after entering the defeated Li Zicheng’s world.

Say “Yu Guan” there must be a lot of people do not know where, that is, “of Shanhaiguan,” Gu said.

Inside and outside the temple, full of prayers wishing “Fu” brand, can hang up inscribed names and wishes for, and bless wish come true, seizes, we also “superstitions”, thanks to the God-King bless our family good health, business.

Water is the source of all things, folk describe the “money is water”, the location of the temple is the level of Prince Gong’s mansion, or gossip “Kan”, no wonder he Shen became a monopoly of epic proportions.

Just after the Dragon King temple, Prince Gong’s mansion tour you end up down the “Jian DAO” turn right to the end, is the export of Prince Gong’s mansion.

Away from the main entrance of the Prince Gong’s mansion, I attached to the beauty of Prince Gong’s mansion, see closed revealed a seam in the middle of the main entrance, suddenly thought of a xiehou Yu “door man – has looked down on people”, so I wanted to check out this two-part allegorical saying wouldn’t it be looked down on people? I looked and looked, people not only flat, appear elongated. ⌒∪⌒

Swim Prince Gong’s mansion, we walk about ten minutes away to the East, came to the door step Street, now in the late afternoon, it was slowly darkening, “shichahai”, “front” we have shopped this morning in the West Bank, so we walked “in front” of the East Coast, into the doors play along.

Restaurant shops in the pedestrian street, is the catering industry, the original pedestrian street in the middle of wide enough, and widened with boards on the shore about three metres, first solved the problem of narrow roads, and secondly can put tables and chairs next to the rail being in the food business, three visitors can enjoy the scenery while having delicious food.

If consumption is not here, just a few minutes walk this street, this street is called “Lotus market”, the most beautiful scenery to Lotus opens in the summer to enjoy it.

Millennium Tree “back Lakes” can be seen everywhere, some focus on the age old protected railed around, we move along the shore.

This photo highlights, see that? There are two old people swimming in the water, their body is amazing, much better than I was, I was afraid of the cold, windy and rainy weather in the winter is indoors.

Walking along the shore, unknowingly to the silver ingot bridge, East side of the bridge there is a “Yan Dai Xie Jie”, we come here, are those who have heard it, “Yan Dai Xie Jie” of smoke, in the Qing dynasty during the reign of the most prosperous, hanyan, popular hookah smoke, smoke is concentrated in the street of the capital.

Pipe, pipe tobacco market withered left out, as the country’s “smoke” cultural center, “Yan Dai Xie Jie” is not the year’s hottest market, and “tobacco”-related shops very little, mostly selling souvenirs.

“Great Qing postal letter”-in 1896, in Chinese history, the first post office is also located in this street, it is conceivable that year “Yan Dai Xie Jie,” how big is the flow of people.

Suddenly, “Yan Dai Xie Jie” main entrance, gate is “an men Wai da Jie”, reportedly the door here in the Ming dynasty, the Board was “the drum tower Street”, by the end of the Qing dynasty was renamed “Yan Dai Xie Jie”.

Do not know if you have not read the song MV Li Xiao Jie of the friends of wine, is singer Li Xiao Jie at the gate at the beginning of the song, and sing into the “Yan Dai Xie Jie”, the song finished, he brought us a circle “Yan Dai Xie Jie”.

“To Ann door outside Street” car to car to, not suitable walk, we original road returns “shichahai”, then sky completely dark down has, originally shore close the door of bar a article Street began business has, here of bar full is leisure’s, each between almost are has singer in since play since sing, time also early guest didn’t to, we way past, some singer turned sing singer of, some is since has wrote of song, we slowly go, encountered nice of, on stopped down listening to a listening to to singer playing cheer, I guess from the famous singer didn’t become famous of Beijing in the bar before performing it.


Today play have is cool, returned to “Beijing Ming Hotel Yang Bridge shop” on was first days travels in mentioned of “black-God” cash register Member break has good mood, I took room card door found open can’t, so I to front desk asked, morning of when smile beauty and I set of prices invalid, “black-God” insisted to received I 198 Yuan/days, if I now check out, also because had has 18 points, to make foot one days of prices, forced, we was forced to in here more live day.

Shang to room, gas also didn’t elimination I of pants and was room in of broken Chair show of nail hook broken has, seems “is of to” stay shall not, night I on wants to left this hotel has, in save money of intends to we in near asked has several grade low of hotel, room is poor not said, prices high have surprisingly, go with asked with we came to has South station opposite of overseas Park Hotel, above of LED advertising brand wrote with specials room 268 Yuan/days, so we called waiter with to see room, worthy of for four star of, room clean clean, Fall off or crack-free wallpaper, furniture and no damage or signs of repair, but also has a laundry service and breakfast, ideal room so I’m satisfied, such rooms or ten at that time, I thought to myself then open House tomorrow morning, lest the prices of waste today.

Day morning we didn’t eat breakfast on Pack luggage back has “Beijing Ming Hotel Yang Bridge shop” of room, intends to moved to “overseas Park Hotel” live six days, had to Hou accused of no specials room has, last night asked of that room today to 418 Yuan/days, again asked waiter she on not patience has, simply said standard between live full has people, only left suite. All hotels stopped going out this morning to see many police cars, you know that today is not going well, and sure enough we berate the destined to be discrimination, in Beijing, “APEC Summit,” rent prices soar, it is no wonder that all hotel prices are so high.

Since they even 418 Yuan/day is not good for us, we had to find, at a certain chain hotel brand, the most expensive room was 339 Yuan/day, I thought, as long as the room is not too bad and they forced to live it down. When we asked the front desk attendant was a deluxe room only to see across the room, it’s not OK.

Luxury between although than overseas Park Hotel of specials room, price also greatly beyond has planned of budget, but if we again continues to find hotel, today may a all day of time on spent in find room Shang has, in we live down Hou, found also is satisfaction of, except was flickers spent 200 Yuan do has a senior members (playing 88 percent live 6 days is down also leveled has), here of service attitude relative good many, morning has free self breakfast, addition coffee tea 24 hours free enjoy.


Put good luggage, eat had breakfast, we and on capital Metro, in South Station Metro Line 4 line directly to yuanmingyuan station, Midway without transfer, out has Metro mouth on to yuanmingyuan South door ticket office has, a into Park within, Breeze light brushed, Sun bright, pond in of small fish tour to tour to, also has bird calls, Yan Ran a Deputy spring of scene, feel was full Park of spring flickers into has spring.

Tour signs, yuanmingyuan was very wide, we come to this open area of great, actually made up of three Park of yuanmingyuan garden, Yuan Ming Yuan, respectively, the Conservancy garden, the garden of blossoming spring (also known as Wan Chunyuan), we enter from the South Gate of garden of blossoming spring, ideal to play route is to the North of Changchun Park, then West the old Summer Palace.

See tickets, found printed with “… … 40 scenes … … “, to around 40 scene, take some pictures of beautiful bright, non-two-day time is not available, we are happy today to easily swim, not in a hurry not attached to walk panoramic views, OK until closing time.

Set the route forward.

“Spring” boundless, and in the morning, sufficient physical, energetic, visitors are all very leisurely, light and casual Park Road, even hawkers are lazy with Opera to peddle the token child curiosity, so by new items to appreciate what he seen.

Beauty I guess is the words used to describe this scene.

Beijing of specialty one of “soft persimmon”, has mature has hanging in tree Shang, I in Beijing of supermarket buy had several try taste, is cheap, a money a pounds, eat after mouth Ma Ma astringent astringent of bad by, estimated steam after made persimmon’ve got delicious’s, may Beijing of friends are not love eat persimmon or eat persimmon eat greasy has, many persimmon are hanging tree Shang, any by it ripe has off down.

Looking at the “soft touch”, it occurred to me that one: Garden “Spring”-caged, a “swing” persimmon walls.


Walk part of the way, I saw a heap of stones, a closer look, turned out to be the collapsed bridge, throughout the Winter Palace only this ancient stone arched bridge, bridge slope, how do people walk? More alone pass to opposite has, I estimated this seat arch bridge most is a decorations, it of process is pretty badly of, stone is white marble stones, without half dip soil, using mechanical-gravity gravity down of principle, makes stones and stones Zhijian close phase, bridge end of without things top with also can support up, from now this half seat residual bridge can see ancient China working people of wisdom and built process so exquisite.

We walked up to the bridge was built in the near future, though no ancient bridge elegant, but modern bridging techniques than the ancients more advanced, more substantial, more beautiful, more varied. On the Yellow River on the loess in the following

Standing on the deck and watch the scenery and another amorous feelings.

A small planted a few pine trees on the slope, I described it as the old Summer Palace “loose” we Yulin of “loose” is a delicious restaurant, where the “loose” is a feast of beauty, are pleasant things.

  We tour the old Summer Palace on the day, while autumn and early winter, “Spring”, “Autumn” King, came to the “Han autumn Hall” was for the occasion, but it is now only “fall,” King without a “Museum”, the original building had been destroyed.

Out garden of blossoming spring “Spring”, “Autumn” scene, we walked from Changchun Park, we see signs of the present, where the Yuan Ming Yuan are is in the Center, to the North is Park in Changchun.

  Entered the garden Palace in Changchun, another beauty of words can’t describe, fortunately there is beauty camera storage, left and right sides of the row of trees, at first glance no end.

Changchun Park, the tourists many more obvious here, elite area estimated at Changchun Zoo.

We had to “Fortuna attractions”, so went to see, because it is now winter, Lake Island to open my personal feeling “Fortuna area” not how, after watching a few out, move on.

We are attracted by the beauty of these trees, “Fortuna area” and the beautiful half, we didn’t feel well, reluctant to leave.

  Son sings “walking on country roads, dusk cows are my companions……”, Khan! Not knowing who he sang that old Bull is described.

You Qichun garden is “Spring” view into Changchun Park is “swing” style, Ginkgo leaves were golden brown on both sides, this scene is fair trade, “Autumn”, and the wind gently blows, all over the cover of “gold leaf” with the wind blowing, it is truly spectacular, and my son was so excited to play the Kung Fu.

To close-up of a Ginkgo leaf, much like a small golden fan! Coming to Beijing to see Ginkgo biloba may be met for the first time in my life, even if seen or noticed before, heard about Ginkgo leaves from fruit to be of much use, the whole body is a treasure, and today the Winter Palace this “golden road” was drunk.

  Away from the city, relax, people and landscape integrating natural man Leung King, Chingmei lining people are old love, view is a woman.

Autumn, leaf, evening light, meditation, exile stepping pace shadow … … Vicissitudes of the feeling was a little p-child of its head, see pictures of this moment, bleak thoughts fill my emotions, can’t help but have tears filled orbital, this scenario is similar to long life, only alone, walked, and contrary to the pace, looking figure, memories of the past, and they go further.

  In the summer, Lotus in full bloom, they were the most beautiful here, now only a pool of dead leaves. Individual visitors are South of the dry leaves between what? Don’t dig Lotus? Soon they come up, carefully, and hey, a withered Lotus flower in each hand through the streets, I do not know, no seeds.

  ”Haiyue Cardigan” Visual was “destroyed”, the original wooden bridge leading to the island in a Lake just ropes and iron piles, cruise did not open, only the Foundation on the island so visitors can imagine its luxury buildings.

  Along the past, not far from the essence of the Yuan Ming Yuan are from the area, focus of the Park area is “Western building site area”, is the logo area of yuanmingyuan.

Western building site tour is the need to purchase additional tickets, buy a door if you buy tickets save 5 oceans.

Tickets to “the Western building sites” area, first saw yuanmingyuan’s Labyrinth, called “the Labyrinth”, legend has it that this is where the emperors and concubines were fun, the Emperor happy some day, want and love playing “field”, it’s here. The labyrinth has been razed to the ground, what we now see is in 1989, built on the site, listen to some guides talk tourists, said the labyrinth walls taller than a man, British and French troops to burn Yuan Ming Yuan Qing soldiers hid here and killed many gweilo, enemy rage artillery fire to destroy the labyrinth.

However I understand it is the fact that the labyrinth was capital in the period of the Republic of China after the fall of the Qing dynasty the people destroyed. Yuanmingyuan from 1860 second times opium war was British method Coalition plunder began, up more than 100 years time was intermittent of demolished, first British method robber snatched part important easy hiding or easy transport of treasures; burned has all wood quality building Hou and has local bandits plunder remaining of essence, even has people and keep Park eunuch maid, thief in ruins in the dug treasure; 1900 eight-power allied forces attack Xia Beijing Hou yuanmingyuan no guards, part capital people looting, Park within carbon factory lined, put Park within of trees are firing carbon sold has ; To the warlord period, tiles and stone ruins and the plundered objects; even then, farmers cultivated paddy field fish pond in the garden, completely destroyed the yuanmingyuan; after shiniandongluan period after the founding of PRC, partial views of the yuanmingyuan began to slowly recover, spend a lot of manpower and material resources, today we see the completion of the Winter Palace.

To General people of common sense, go maze as long as along side of wall go on can has, dang we such do Shi, found and returned to has beginning, son yiqian are is play paper Shang of maze, now play real of maze has, exception excited, ran into to zhihou on missing people has, in turned has several turned zhihou, call he name came convergence are go not to with has, so we boarded high at see clear has again in.

While no pictures of people we get.

See European-style octagonal pavilion in the center of the labyrinth into the crowd, was a beauty; when I look at this European-style octagonal pavilion, and felt that some elements of the Chinese, but I can’t say what, is watching you from my travels, and I think?

An array of tiny yellow flowers, go to a lot of time, also turned to a number of physical, after we eat physical food supplement essence continues visit.

Here original is a seat Qianlong emperor for incense Princess built of mosque, name said “party appearance”, now only left several root stone this has, former of brilliant only left residual stone lone shadow, legend in the of incense Princess also in also beads Princess in flying; legend incense Princess body will distributed out aroma attract, according to I see incense Princess should is a business perfume of master, with perfume cover body of body smelly, why I will such wants to? Let me analyse: xiangfei is the Uighurs (first statement of my people will not discriminate against any race, people of all ethnic groups have their habits), when the Uighur region water resources shortage in arid, in order to save water, xiangfei is possible year round bath, one bath from one year only covered with a perfume of a woman’s body odor.

“Belvedere”, followed by the famous “Haiyan Tong”, copper 12 zodiac was here were “beheaded” in recent years, the old Summer Palace bronze heads of 12 Zodiac worth billions of calculations, although there are seven return to China one after another, five again is going to be sky-high.

Many people are think 12 Zodiac is while spray water, initially I is such understanding, according to here of Gallery introduced, 12 Zodiac copper first by 12 when cycle individually when in different of Zodiac in the spray water out, whenever noon time (noon 12 o’clock are) on together spray water, really so words, ancient of wisdom is gaoming, if at on began development industrial words, China may is world first power has.

Look at the crumbling stones, I don’t care what time 12 Zodiac heads can come together, I’m more concerned about is when my family’s land restitution; I don’t care about the people more and more prosperous life, when I only care about my life a better place.

Haiyan Hall of water floor, 12 Zodiac copper first fountain with of water on storage in this funnel shaped of water floor in, see this huge of water floor, provides Haiyan Hall all of fountain water, time are in consumption large of water, ancient intelligent, in water floor on both sides design water tankers put water mentioned water floor within, using level drop by copper tube flows all greatly small of fountain. I thought such a huge storage building is done by the white marble stone, closer to know that this is clay, lime stone made, information on the mixture glutinous rice to increase the viscosity.

Storage building from 24 years of Qianlong (1759), built in 1860 was destroyed, and today we see it again, after 255 years, storage floor has been badly eroded, many of the corners off, if not fenced, protecting her, and by thousands of visitors every day to touch one, touch not the storage building.

“View water law”, here once to get the Emperor and his concubines in this exclusive music and enjoy the fountain fun places, so all the old Summer Palace fountain area collectively known as “Harmonious Wonder”, at the time, enjoys the fountain is “funny”, and if people across time and space in ancient to modern urban, that he isn’t in heaven?

Old Summer Palace signs of residual stones, “view water law” the King is here, once the magnificent scenes, now only sigh, did not come here to enjoy the beauty of it, but the residue of it, imagined in the mind of the yuanmingyuan ruins can only rely on tourists create a variety of beautiful.

“Line” where? How to saw the tree without mountains? The answer is always no answer, if you want to restore the “line”, mud, and made a covers an area of 6500 square meters, about 8 meters of soil?

  France writer “Hugo” avatar, we Chinese textbooks for junior middle school in the old Summer Palace demetrious, bemoan Anglo’s criminal acts, “… … One day, two robbers broke into the old Summer Palace, a loot, arson … … “from the” Hugo “master, we ought to have international friends Memorial standing for Justice, like the hospital an” Bethune “like.

Animal head 12 Zodiac symbols associated with the person before the exhibition hall of Yuanming Palace fountain, every once in a while a fountain show at the gallery in front of a restaurant, where you can dine while enjoying the fountain show.

In the exhibition hall of the Summer Palace is about 12 zodiac animal model of souvenirs and other related memorabilia and yuanmingyuan, though Hall was really a souvenir shop, we are not a local, just walking around inside a circle out.

Out of the ruins area, around dusk, “Yuan Ming Yuan three gardens” essence of the area we have visited, today had gone some distance, feet tired brain sleepy, worthy of the West Garden “Summer Palace” we will not go, was also out of spirits continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery, so we sat at the Park Gate on tour bus went straight to the South direction.

Tour buses driving very fast, was the scenery can also enjoy, haven’t had time to revenue in the brain and on to the next scene, a scene recall down the results, the next King will lie.


Tour buses did not directly reach the South Gate, only three “Garden” intersection stop, got out of the car, we go another didn’t walk through the door to South Road along the Lake.

A lakeside Pavilion, Bank and pavilions connected by a wooden bridge, “nine bend 13”, in the blue sky, the Pavilion with wooden bridge reflected in the water, like a fairyland, although we can’t help but to be tired but came here to rest.

End Summer Palace tour, we still take the subway back, washing bed back to the hotel early, tomorrow’s tour-“tombs”, striving for starting up early, more time to play.

Tomorrow before the start of travel, I came a period of last night’s episode, my son slept until 2 o’clock in the morning when a bounce up, hands over the pants fast catch fart, I asked him: why? Son said itch, he was bitten by what I thought, and turn on the lights took off his pants and saw butt is surrounded by a ring of white dots, and worse, not knowing when he was infected with pinworms, pinworms are now running out of eggs. In swimming today the Winter Palace on the way back, I bought a box of drugstore “tskf” albendazole tablets (SmithKline intestinal worms Qing), and everyone ate to prevent mutual infection because sometimes kids will pick fruit for us to eat with your hands, and don’t know if he took the fruit have grabbed my butt, Oh. When buying medicines, pharmacies the boss hear my accent and we know that we are the people of Guangdong and Guangxi, because I asked “did his drug? “And his answer was” we have anthelmintic. ”


Today November 6, in Beijing play fifth days has, yesterday replaced Hotel Hou, although price greatly beyond has budget, room of clean degrees and environment of warm degrees also is on mood has benefits of, a three mouth with was and sleep, “seems sleep in home” is son this early up of first sentence words, everyone last night are sleep have is good, a sleep sleep to almost to eight points.

Dang we wash finished to a floor breakfast Department, we has is last a eat breakfast of guest, in hurried of fill full belly Hou we by plans “in South Station sat Metro Line 4 line to Xuanwu door turned took Metro Line 2 line to water Tan station a, mouth, to East go to deshengmen behind, again sat 872 bus to big Palace Station, got off tour Shinto……”

Shinto swimming I personally feel most worth visiting is the Ming tombs area attractions, pleasant, busy God.

After we get off at the great Palace gate, look at the signs, after more than 10 after hotel and an Apple Orchard, about 500 meters to get to God to the ticket office, where few visitors, ticket in addition to a conductor and three people outside the us, not someone else.

When it comes to Apple orchards, where tombs of spots called Beijing’s Changping District, here is rich in apples, we came to Beijing in the fall this season, had the honor of seeing each tree is covered with spectacular orchards of apples, so happy, but for fear of lack of time, we have to turn around and pick some apples.

Entering the gate, finally saw one, was a small tour, guides explain the history, I only vaguely heard “… … More than 500 years……. “

And see disc pillars (first days of travels was to I corrected has, called huabiao), Shinto entrance of middle is a seat Tablet floor, is overhaul, outside are with row frame blocked has, see not to it original of like, we wants to go near was staff stopped, by understand, this tablet floor is new China founding yihou first times overhaul, this are let we caught up with has, no language.

Bypassing the monument building, eyes are an endless brick road, then the road brick, trees, green belt was later to find out, if there is no such, shendaoliandao are not, is only the beginning of the Ming tombs area as a whole.

Shinto scenic road is not long, only 800 m, there are buses, visitors estimated on the bus have been hoodwinked, money spent, and scene flashed, I dare say the next morning to ask him (her) how Shinto area will not be remembered.

Gone half the distance, and finally to the point, this location is called “Stone Gate”, if not a scenic introduction could not see see is “door”, Oh.

Didn’t establishment road zhiqian know Shinto has mammals stone, I original thought is 12 Zodiac, field tour only found is other beast like, is located in Shinto most front of beast like is around the two on lions, row in Lions Hou of stone beast learn named mistle Zhi (XI è zh ì), legend mistle Zhi can identify loyalty rape good evil, rape wicked see it of expression is fierce, loyalty good see does is a Deputy MoE sample, I child see it is a Deputy laugh sample, feed it eat grass also grinning…….

Follow stone beast is the kneeling posture of a pair of camel, camel named Imperial Tomb stone I guess it is because it represents a faithful symbol.

Elephants in ancient times was a sacred animal, elected to keep Tomb stone animals for granted, come to this location, reminds me of a matter, camels and elephants in ancient China, is sparsely populated, why is the Emperor of the Ming dynasty on the camel, elephant, lion-like beasts have a preference? Will of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming dynasty origin is along the western regions of the nation? At least his Queen and Ministers is the Hui’s ethnic origin, with the questions, we continue our tour attractions.

Come to stone Kirin’s position, we had to swim the Shinto half, think of GE’s it Department, if you are the one, which has a scene filmed in let the word of God, had been longing for, in which satisfaction arises spontaneously, and achieved many aspirations of one of them.

Horses, no split in the history books, is the most important animal to human, although modern technology has replaced the horse’s work, but in plateaus or desert areas such as Northwest is inseparable from the horse. In the slave society, MA value is much larger than people, “beast than” to describe people is really existed in ancient times has a horse, the equivalent of modern billionaires have a high car, say no more, one more “expensive” gas “horse” model photos.

Animal to human contribution is larger, but human contribution is the biggest of the Emperor, imperial rule humans, to kill people, the rule of man, people-oriented. In fact, the Emperor is in the business of human, in the eyes of royalty, civilians are the meanest, power in hand, a finger of the Emperor, you can make tens of thousands of lives at stake, but the Kings need a General for his work, so generals like Shou-ling is taken for granted.

There is a general, how will lose the civil service to help the emperor to govern the country? Civil service is the nation’s head, directing the national construction and development, in peace time, the important role of the civil service is the rise and fall of national strength. Good for the people as the guiding principle, minfuguoqiang; rule by corrupt officials, ultimately doomed nation trends.

The sacred area at the end of through the Dragon Gate is entered the Ming tombs district of essence.

800 m Shinto soon tour finished, very quiet all the way, we meet no more than ten, away from the noise of the city, a man slowly in quiet area to enjoy family reunion, beyond the troubles has thrown nine.

The Ming tombs, as its name suggests, is the 13 tombs, non-days to swim the 13 sites is not available, we plan to swim only two: open the underground Palace of dingling and largest mausoleum.

From Shinto to dingling and takes about 6 kilometres, although I’d like to go sightseeing on foot, but through the 6 km of the back rest, so I’d rather go by car, sacred to the dingling and changling buses are convenient, a few cents fare, we took the 314.

Dingling 40 fare is not high, but kind of injustice, we see heritage treasures of the mind to visit, there are only a few coffins, a disappointment.

Positive dingling this flair worthy of being called Emperor mausoleum covers an area so large, I want to worship an ancestor Emperor of the Ming dynasty Tomb et not easy at the time only under the conditions of carriage, arrives here in a day’s time.

Today many dingling, foreign tourists accounted for a large proportion, estimated to be at to see treasures of the mind.

Are as eager to see the treasures, where we hurried through a similar garden, here called “lingbi gate” where, legend has it that both sides of the door are the plagues and the underworld, from entering through the main entrance to the underworld, scenes are the same, but seeing people is not necessarily the person, hehe … ….

Actually this is Guide series of a ghost story, purpose is scare visitors to purchase jade, she will said buy jade has exorcism town demon of role, more your of jade on more has effect, with jade to play tombs can prevent ghost-ridden, because Emperor of mausoleum often has many people funerary, funerary of people full is was buried alive of, died on into ghost to served and protection Emperor of ghost. Generally older middle and old aged people or ignorance of women and children will know that the tour guide’s story and to guide specifies some Jade at jade shop.

I believe in science, while immersive, or around the door, hehe … …

See here for size, filled with many offerings can be, conceivable Emperor worship time to spend a lot of manpower and material resources.

Now, heard every year, Ching Ming Festival is held at the mausoleum of antique Festival, allowing visitors to see Ming festivals cruise across time and space.

Walk through the steps, visitors at the entrance of the Palace was a long scenic management every once in a while to put a group of tourists, and ensures that the underground Palace, the uncrowded, so as to avoid a stampede, of course, the security work is also doing well, dangerous goods shall not bring or railway station occurred suddenly and violently feared events, visitors a pot of cooked up in the underground Palace.

From the ground’s entrance is about five floors of stairs, reached the Palace, Palace ghost story is true I want to say, from this position started to exit the underground Palace, without a photo is, I had success, are vague, not found, home flipping through the photos when they found out.

Didn’t see anything within the Palace, and only a few coffins, my camera like that don’t see it, but my wife’s cell phone is making a few coffins, and Huawei Smartphone, camera works well.

Cultural Revolution Qian, small coffin in original loaded of is funerary products, big coffin in original loaded of is Ming Wanli Emperor and he Queen of bones, now has is empty coffin, because Wanli Emperor of bones was cultural revolution of red guards to was tantamount to for origin has once “decent” of fire funeral, was burn didn’t has, died 400 years are shall not peace, will is he of teacher Zhang juzheng are reincarnation reborn to revenge of?

History books record for more than 30 years of time towards the Emperor, he ignored politics regard sexual intercourse, indulged in wine, “day”, “Princess”, his 30 years of “skill” and “achievements”, in Japan, is the God figure, haha.

Near the exit, and finally have a normal photo, something’s lost heritage treasures of the Palace, leaving only architectural features, dingling mausoleum was built by the Ming tombs last, inside the structure should be the same as top 12 tombs.

In building such a huge underground Palace of the Ming dynasty, with boulders piled, carved dragon carved chicken, difficulty, more advanced design of the drainage system of the underground Palace, so deep in the ground where it was free of stagnant water.

Get out of here, ends the dingling underground Palace tour, I guess the scenic area’s management may be considered if Palace placed relics for the enjoyment of visitors, tourists stay long time Palace, visitors will spend more time in line waiting out the treasures inside, placed in the Museum of dingling. From entry to exit the underground Palace, visit about half an hour, if not look at the photos, I really don’t recall Dungeon scene.

In to long Ling zhiqian, has a thing I wants to said about, scenic door fruit sold of are is sky-high, we this wants to buy some fruit thirst, asked has several document zhihou, has two a farmers looks of women took with several bags soft persimmon came said they is local of farmers, persimmon 10 Yuan two bags, I see two bags at least also has 4, and 5 pounds this like, thought this price reasonable, on buy Xia has. Dang we found Chair sat down wants to enjoy of when, found persimmon no a is good of, full is black and rotten of, daughter-in-law suddenly on to gas has, wants to to and farmers women theory, I stopped she said out out more a thing than less a thing, thousands of km came to Beijing didn’t necessary for this thing effect play of mood, 10 Yuan money on Dang is buy a jokes home to friends are said said Le a Le forget.

  Long away from the mausoleum 3 km, the distance to a bus stop, tickets are cheaper than the dingling, only 30 yuan.

Come to the mausoleum, where the visitors seldom looked desolate, tombs of the earliest big than dingling mausoleum didn’t visitors.

Grace blessing, the style of the forbidden city, to walk through the doors to the Hall, is not difficult to see that the construction of the mausoleum of artisan or designer and the forbidden city are the same people, owner of Chang ling-third year of the Yongle Emperor’s forbidden city under construction, who built the tomb for himself.

This position in 2010, there is a stone engraved with “1409~2008”, it is estimated that Beijing hosting the Olympics that year, State, now years in the past, has been removed, leaving only the white marble monument.

Sitting on the throne was to pay for the camera, this time may be due to fewer tourists, no staff here waiting for money, took a lot of pictures on the three of us sat and earn back the tickets.

Grace through the blessing, blessing grace in front of the Hall next to the “ten” ancient tree, why say “ten”? A cycle of 60 years, “ten” on behalf of 600 years, this ancient tree has accompanied the Yongle Emperor 600 years.

“God their furnaces”, spirits and “send” express station to the grave, people believe that by “burn” can be sent to the grave goods, qingming et worship our ancestors, praying with incense burning when Bao is “sent” to the grave, not only are we Chinese believe any of that, many people all over the world can reach a consensus on this point.

“God their furnaces” introduction in four languages, of which I was confused by the text of a State, especially tourists from Nanjing, China doesn’t know we see later what do you think?

Blessing grace in front of the temple is quite broad, the Ming Emperor in this worship all the graves are lined up.

Look at this red carpet and furnishings, changling should be held after worship time, opened the new look, and if so, November 1, 2014 is the lunar new year in early September 9th, if we had a few days to come, you can catch the changling worship event.

Stepped into blessing en Temple, front of majestic spectacular your gas pressing, 60 root diameter 1 meters of gold silk Nanmu propped up high 12 meters, and area up 2300 square meters of temple top, this blessing en Temple both inside and outside structure and forbidden city of Hall similar, by with material also are as, glass yellow w cover top, and gold silk Nanmu room body, and BRIC Pu to, with priceless described blessing en Temple is are not for had.

  Blessing all Phoebe en Palace has a 2-meter-high glass shield in case visitors with sharp characterizations, “a visit to this” sort of behavior nor allow visitors touch so rare Phoebe; even the ground paved flooring to prevent crushed brick, these measures, is open to visitors.


Center of the House, sitting statue of Yongle Emperor the throne in Kowloon, vivid, many tourists throw change into the foot of the bronze statue, swept into a pile of banknotes, the son said, side splitting: “isn’t this man a beggar? To recover so much money! “HA HA! Imperial incense has been broken, no worship, from afar, we tried a little dust.

This statue is said to be under Yongle Emperor-Zhu di’s appearance and form of, look at this bronze statue, reminds me of the aforementioned question, Zhu Yuanzhang and his grandchildren pedigree is Muslim?

Face, the Yongle Emperor Zhu di was the son of Zhu Yuanzhang, the son’s face looks a bit like his father, ferry me also inherited his father’s genes, so from the way Zhu can be seen the three points the Emperor’s shadow.

Chinese history although there is no record of Zhu Yuanzhang peoples and beliefs, but one thing is for sure is: ferry me is a feature of peoples along the Western Hui, Hui and the Han Chinese intermarry and accept the Chinese ancient culture, in addition to the network fine linen or religious beliefs, it’s hard to tell if it is back to the Chinese.

In Hui people of history records in the, Zhu Yuanzhang couple and the he under of 10 Member General is Hui hero, so has “ten Moslem insurance big Ming” of said, from Ming founding and the early of Emperor in the, they of life habits and the belief and Hui people phase intends, first not said Zhu Yuanzhang reign Shi large built mosque, is front of Zhu di, in he built of forbidden city and mausoleum also everywhere revealed with Hui people idiomatic of pattern and color.

Zhu Yuanzhang’s last name, and “pigs” sounds like when he became emperor, prohibits people from killing pigs to eat pork, and Hui ban pig is a coincidence? Truth that family name Yang, more than people, cattle, horses, … … Do they like? Also contraindicated with the surname sounds like animals?

During Yuan and Ming dynasties of Persia, camels and elephants are the main means of transportation, when Han Chinese, in addition to the western regions, few people have seen these animals, God why the Ming tombs with camel, elephant stone beast? Reason is that Zhu Yuanzhang and his sons to see and learn about camels and elephants.

Why use of the Ming dynasty “Ming” name? Zhu Yuanzhang is inherited has ming of army only powerful of, and Ming stems from Persian Moon taught, senior must is Muslim or Hui people to served as, many Han believes “Ming King” will rescue they, so Ming absorption has large Han forces, in at is most has strength of a support army, Zhu Yuanzhang relies on Ming get world, although senior more is back people, but middle following soldiers soldiers Han mostly, to heart return attached, so line Han Commission, with Han culture, and “Ming” for name ruled Han.

Above is my guess, don’t believe when reading a story, don’t have to read between the lines, the founding emperor Li Shimin of the Tang dynasty his father Li Yuan did not half barbarian descent? “Ya no EC-after” don’t know who is saying this word, in my opinion, no matter which country, which race, who as Emperor are good, people just want to live a better life.

There are ashtrays the Ming dynasty 600 years ago, almost blind, effects of tobacco on the human is too big.

Jade belt and white jade belt, not a patent at the local level, only the Imperial level may have.

Do you know what jade Ruyi is used for? Not hard to imagine, is itching to use, royalty, aristocracy, not the underprivileged in ancient times made of bamboo and wood “don’t ask” and jade make beautiful scratch tools, both functional and beautiful, to the Ming and Qing dynasties not scratching tools, equipment tools, exhibits, take the meaning of luck, talent after so called “Jade”.

My visit to Chang ling, see pendulum exhibits obvious a lot less than in 2010, others I can’t remember it, was most impressed by Queen’s Coronet, covered with precious stones and gold dragons yufeng, working fine, last time too catch, exhibits and more, without careful watching, but this time did not live to see.

Ling well drainage tap of the temple, to a close-up, is formed by the block of white marble stone chisel, 600 years before the craft so exquisite, just do not understand is how to drill drainage holes of the Dragon’s mouth?

  Bypassing the grace Ling Temple, in turn are lingbi stone doors, five for, out buildings, tombs, starting from Shinto, tombs of the pattern is North to South, in line with the geographical structure of Chinese Feng Shui, the ancients believed that ancestors buried treasure to bless children of every thousand. But even so super Emperor Zhu di was buried in the mausoleum Tomb, only 270 years of history of the Ming dynasty.

Stone five bronze tripod in front of visitors voted in many of the coins, did not put in the coins scattered on top, under the setting sun, Bling, closer look, there are coins of other countries, the Yongle Emperor Zhu di, no worries about “going abroad to play” funds, “the world is so big, the Yongle Emperor also wanted to see”.

Long Ling Ming building is the largest of the tombs, access visitor entrances separated by bars, so season the huge number of tourists here.

Visitor numbers for some time, will be visited by the signs, now we have Chang, what direction to go. Just … … Don’t go sideways. Tell me readers, in attractions like the cemetery to see if you have “human” sideways “go” and immediately turned around and went home, burn incense and pray for seven days and seven nights and then go out.

First changling and dingling 200 years apart, at the latest, on property on both sides of the old trees can also see it, obviously much larger than the dingling.

Ming House, a huge stone, made with stone, carved with patterns, and atmospheric and beautifully.

“Damingchengzuwen Emperor’s Tomb”, Zhu di’s “culture” of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang “military” emperors, shows that Zhu is also a pivotal figure in the Ming dynasty, as “brutal” and policies consolidating the country with an iron fist.

Sunset, the temperature in the evening began to fall, and scenic areas are cold from time to time, there came a few Crow calls, a little creepy.

Our tour concluded with a tour of the Ming tombs, was ready to return to the hotel.

Before leaving, lingbi story to mention, legend the door separating the yin and Yang, from the inside out two feet in the past, went back to the world, the things that cross the threshold of the grave. Prefer to believe them, not said no, we skip past shouting “we’re back! “Everything into something dirty and bad luck behind him.

After the jump, it felt like going to the funeral homes participate in the death of the old man’s funeral the vinegar Bowl home situation, does the lingbi has a sterilizing effect?

Returns the deshengmen Watchtower bus drive from Chang ling, the last train is 18:00, enough time, not other cars, if accidentally a black car, small money, and life story. Waiting for a bus, that a group of drivers through the mouth, for which we are not moving, does not pay any attention to them, as long as you look good wallet does not have lifted on the line.

Back to the hotel, we found automatic coffee machine in the lobby, Korean brands, as long as a brush with your room card will automatically jump out of a paper Cup, and then automatically fill paper cups hot coffee or tea, it made me feel strange, the son of, then come back every night on the hotel to drink a cup of tea room.


The sixth day, the weather broke in Beijing, getting up in the morning drew back the curtain to see the gray sky, dark streets, but visibility is OK, should be the legendary smog.

I got up early, you can leisurely enjoy the hotel’s buffet breakfast, the food here is nice, looks clean, though not delicious, but eat meals and comfortable and breakfast was very good.

Last night before going to bed, we’ll discuss today’s route, because yesterday was swim Ming tombs, where lots of ghosts, although we are not superstitious people but also fear there are one or two with us if, unfortunately, stained, we can take it to the “Lama Temple” let it get super-du, HA HA. So, our plan is as follows:

“Line in South railway station take the underground Line 4 Xuanwumen station on Subway Line 2 line to the Lama Temple Station……”

Out of the subway, is the back door of the Lama Temple (not the back door), we have to “Yonghegong Street” East wall walk in the front door, about 150 meters.

Lama Temple was built during the Ming dynasty, so the building characteristics and the forbidden city. Lama Temple is said to be the site of the Ming dynasty “eunuch”, what is a “eunuch”? According to my understanding is when the eunuch official lived in the House.

Eunuchs are generally lived in the Palace, from Palace date to die that day, has not ratified is not from the Palace, and has a high official of the House outside the Palace eunuchs, only or Wei Zheng He of the Ming dynasty and a small number of people.

“Ten yuantong” tablet, not difficult to understand: early Buddhist scholar believes that the world is divided into ten parts, the ten places in Buddhism are interconnected, similar to heaven, Earth and hell, so there is another way of saying “reincarnation” and be free from ten, so Buddhist temples throughout the “ten” and “flexible”.

Today is the Lunar leap September 15, Buddhism January thanks to one or two, and it is the “winter” seasons, what a coincidence we picked today to the attractions, very occasional, Oh!

In the North, and winter people eat dumpling feast, our dinner today, do as Romans do, must eat dumplings.

Lama Temple tickets than any other area’s most distinctive, with sentimental value, containing a small disc, I come home with disc player probably looked at it, was to introduce the Lama Temple, because the image is fuzzy, a little eye, I finally dropped.

Into the attraction must pass through the security check, although not many people, however, lining up in long queues.

Golden Ginkgo leaves on both sides of the road, looking like two rows of trees, it is truly spectacular. We are to worship today, the first wish was for money, spirit is ineffective, to see a cash cow right now, lol!

If a few days around Yonghegong, Ginkgo leaves off the trees just don’t see such beauty.

Before entering the temple give Xiang, we are justifiably take incense worship Buddha, luck really comes one after another, Lama Temple of spirituality is well known throughout the country, many people come here especially.

We each brought a sheaf of incense, in front of the zhaotai ran into “younger version” “Pan Changjiang dozes off,” Oh, look, everybody is there are seven similar?

Zhao Timon, entered, left and a Bell Tower, right before the Bell is a large brass Bell.

Left of Bell drum Qian is is a big copper pot, legend this mouth copper pot is Emperor deliberately please Tibet seventh World Dalai Lama miles coming all the and to open had light of, with 16,000 pounds brass manufacturing, more than General of spiritual, yiqian Lama Temple annual month day (lunar December early eight) will held Shi gift porridge activities, through of porridge on from this mouth open had light of big copper pot.

As Lama monks only vegetarian ingredients such as dried fruits copies of gruel, cross Cook porridge day is added each year, so the origin of the rice porridge is spread to the world.

Yonghe door can open fires to burn incense, harmony and doors, scenic staff do not allow open flames, burning incense, especially indoors, wood building was built with precious sandalwood, hundreds of years of history, from being burned.

When it comes to “burn” the topic, to visit Beijing’s friends don’t smoke in public places, caught light penalties a one thousand or two thousand Yuan, please go to the “detention 15 days tour of Beijing”.

One of the guardians of the Buddhist “Whitfield” Bodhisattva, a Buddhist soldier, with his best goalie.

Several centuries-old Xiang Ding, now only for visitors to enjoy, no longer used to burn incense, many of them wishing on a lost coin, but that action is blocked by staff and visitors while staff do not pay attention or go away, when it lost, put out coins scattered all over the floor.

  Lama Temple of persimmon trees, trees full of fruit that reminds me of a Buddhist stories about fruit, very fuzzy in my mind, just remember the fruit and “airness” relationship.

I just said that Yonghe door cannot open flames, burning incense, was I wrong, it should be outlawed and burned incense, incense outdoor place incense tripods for tourists. Here we provide a few, although it did not come true, but back home from Beijing, everything is smooth, feel bad luck have faded over the years, just didn’t win a lottery!

Lama Temple is in addition to the Potala Palace specifications in our country the highest Tibetan Buddhism (lamas) monastery where Buddha bodhisattva is a top BOSS, other temples are subordinates of the Lama Temple, so if we are to Tibetan Buddhism (lamas) petitioned the temple to pray, it would be best to Lama Temple, as is the imitation to the capital on the same, hehe!

Lama Temple main hall in front of this stone, at first I thought it was the Lama Temple, die, and don’t want it to entry-level, called the “four continents Meru”. What are the four continents? Everyone says see journey to the “Dong Sheng Shen Zhou” refers to a continent, Buddhists believe that Mount Meru is the center of the world, around the Aral Sea and the north side four continents around, this expression in ancient India (day Zhu Guo) recorded in the literature.

Buddhism was originally introduced to the Bodhidharma came from India (Nepal was once part of India), Tibetan Buddhism, also hails from Nepal, Buddhist records, that Mount Meru is Nepal (Tian Zhu Guo), which is the center of the Buddhist world.

Emperor Qianlong casting “four continents Meru” here, which is a symbol of moral rule the world.

“Lama Temple Hall” was originally a harmony Palace “Silver House”, is the place where Qing dynasty emperor Yongzheng Emperor period met with civil and military officials, the pension is now three Buddha Hall, of the Buddhist equivalent of the Central Plains “main hall”.

Hall is for present and future generations of Buddha “Shakyamuni”, left, is the previous “Oriental medicine”, right, is the Buddha of the future, “Amitabha Buddha”. For pensions three Buddha Buddhist temple of the Lord and why? According to Buddhist story by said: “Sakyamuni” is contains golden key was born of, is a Prince, he is voted have good tire is because past “East pharmacists Buddha” (also has said is Buddha) JI good repair to of Fu reported, let he Qian half enjoy do splendor; to 29 age Hou, “Sakyamuni” monk practice, everywhere good help people, eventually to he of intelligence, created world three big religious one of of Buddhist; he of flesh died reincarnation of into “Amitabha” continues to salvation, and rescue world. Therefore, the “third Buddha” shows the karmic relationships, present and future generations of people who lived a good life is the fruit of past charitable works to, present continuing charitable works, future generations can still lead a better life.

From Lama Temple the Hall on both sides of the past, is wing Hall, introduced here was when emperor Yongzheng Emperor’s bedroom and study, after the later Qianlong emperor, converted to Yonghegong harmony Palace, and here the body of Yong Zheng Emperor, followed by Tibetan monks led a group of Lamas at home, became today’s Lama Temple.


Saying Qianlong emperors Yongzheng and his father out of the House, Emperor Qianlong knew here was Dragon’s “Dragon dive paradise”, be sure to take good care of it, so he asked teachers to find ways to built the temple Yonghegong Lama Temple. He of country Division just is hid biography Buddhist of monk, in Buddhist in the respected, are suffers from no home of by, since Emperor has words, will logical in this built Temple, recommended also recommends put Yongzheng of body store in original bedroom within, daily life Lama for its chanting, like Buddha as put he for pension up, also put bedroom named for “Yong Yow Temple”, meaning “forever bless”.

Online some time ago spread around the body of Buddha, is the authentic Chinese version of the Mummy, ancient Tibetan Buddhism through anticorrosion technology made statues of human body shapes, for people to worship. I guess the Qianlong emperor may also follow this mummified his father, hiding from the preservative effect of sandalwood Muli, Yong Woo temple the center of “the Buddha of Immeasurable Life”!

Oh, the above is my guess, everybody watching smile: OK, since verification is out of the question!

Through the “wing House”, is a small garden, full of incense, and two pine trees in the middle of very special, but I am not understand tree man, describe its uniqueness, pot lovers come to will be absorbed slowly and enjoying.

The second focus of the main hall in the Lama Temple is “wheel house”, we tour the Lama Temple is straight all the way, for statues on both sides are not careful appreciation, now I think about forgetting what Buddha was, anyway, some law-enforcement or Rohan and stuff, anyway here just a small-time, owners in the main hall. HA HA! You don’t say I’m x fo low Oh!

“Wheel house” statue is different from the other statues at the temple decoration is full of Tibetan characteristics, this is the Qianlong emperor he had Guo Shiben boss, known as “Zong Kaba”, is a Tibetan Buddhist “yellow sect” (Lamaism) founder. We usually know of “Lama” prototype was the head comb with CAP, wore a yellow cloth Buddha.

Emperor Qianlong Manchu in his own country, not his own religion “shamanism” convert to Tibetan “Lamaism”, we can imagine “Lamaism” at the time of the influence they have, “Lamaism” have great political influence in Tibet, until today, Tibetan monks are still their people first.

Buddha of behind, has a whole block sandalwood wood into of 500 Lohan mountain, for was temple within of Lama advised check, I no took to photos, Lohan mountain carved workers delicate, and overall spectacular, is Lama Temple “three must” one of, very worth appreciate, “legend this 500 Lohan in the hidden has a power huge of peerless martial arts, if on with this block Lohan mountain retreat in six months or a, maybe will became extremely martial arts master Oh! ”

Through the “Falun Temple”, is the Lama Temple “three wonders” bis “wanfu” is not the tallest buildings within the Palace, but in the building of statues, legend, carved statues of white Sandalwood is the Qianlong emperor rebuilt when the Lama Temple, VII of the Dalai Lama in Tibet from Nepal to spend three years to come. This white sandalwood, 26 meters high, about 2 meters in diameter, Qianlong received and spent 80,000 Silver silver carved from now to see the Buddha.

Now the world’s only giant white Sandalwood is “wanfu” statue, so it has been included in the gills of world records.

“Wanfu” light in the dark, we see only the Buddha probably, in addition to feeling just to see a Buddha is unique. Because “wanfu” Lama discourage tourists not to take pictures from time to time, the scene inside I photographed a picture are not, I cannot help but wonder if the Buddha had been switched, so to maintain secrecy, without lights or take photos? Hehe, I’m cranky.

“Wanvog” the two pillars at the gate more than one leading relief on, seems expensive, I do not know what “the collector” letting go of a fracture are clearly visible, stands out, seriously affect the appearance.

Lama Temple “third unique aspect” in “wanfu” East “illustrious Buddha floor”, due to not take photographs, no picture no truth, I would not have described, visit to this, is the terminus of the Lama Temple, we burn incense, returned from the sidewalks on both sides of the main gate exit, took about three hours to travel the Lama Temple.

Visit to Beijing I recommend go to the “Lama Temple”, and burned several fragrance, since the “Lama Temple” came back, feeling all the things began to become smooth.

  Lama Temple Street another side has article “chengxianjie”, exclusively is on Fortune, and named, and Feng Shui, and geographic related of shop, and name “Fortune Street”, earlier when crazy cheat visitors money has was Beijing of about sector reorganization had once, currently convergence has many, if has some superstition of visitors to “Fortune” “divination”,, must will was slaughter have “a neck blood”.

We are “chengxianjie” attracted by the old tree in the past, this street was first built in the Yuan dynasty, 700 years of history has been on both sides of the old tree do not know whether there are 700 years old. Steps in “chengxianjie” feel the street of Beijing’s “taste”, yet memorable…….

Walk approximately 200 meters, we came to the “Confucian temple and Imperial College” in front of here is the Ming dynasty “performers to descend”, “champion”, is the country’s highest academic institution and the Ministry of education, but also the ancient scholar “big splash” change the fate of the place. Because this is not in our plans, so we came to the door and turned back at recognized way Lama Temple Station continued to the next spot.

We at Lama Temple Metro station Line 2 metro station and get off at the front door, out of the station to see a magnificent edifices–“zhengyangmen Watchtower”, also called “the Watchtower at the front door.” The Watchtower is the famous “front door” cigarette signs saying “front door” cigarettes have elapsed since the 99-year history, at 5 (1916) begins production and sales, I believe that previous generations of smokers smoked the cigar.

Zhengyang gate in the huge stone steps and within the forbidden city, had been laid from here to the forbidden city, is the central axis of Beijing, North of Qianmen is Tiananmen Square, we plan this afternoon to “Qianmen” southern tour “Front Street”.

“Front Street” deserves to be called “great” Street, which we finished an afternoon walk.

“The front door first” trams have retired had become a historical heritage, my 2010, it is still working, like 25 Yuan from the street to the end of the street take time plan I’m going to take my son ride again, now only see, hehe.

Station Street in Qianmen Street corner, look to see, without end, antique buildings on either side are new or newly renovated, block gives the impression as a whole was very clean and tidy, leisurely walk in the streets, not say easy and cool.

Ming yiqian Imperial and Bazaar of location are is “former future”, Bazaar set in Palace behind, to has Ming medium-term, commercial development soon, country to capital pilgrimage of officials and Beijing learning or exam of juren scholar are to here acquisition life supplies or drinking fun, on even Palace inside of daily supplies, also has part this procurement, such on formed has downtown lively of front door Street.

In Ming dynasty, Qianmen Street shops are located in both sides of the alley, first alley known as “headline alley”, call shops and shops in the Ming dynasty called “Bungalows”, written in the Hutong entrance arch “Gallery headlines alley” equivalent to the meaning of “pedestrian”.

Before I came here, I really don’t know, “shops” in ancient times known as “Bungalows”, right in the city is the place where experience, hehe. When we want to enter to look around and all I see are a lot of houses were torn down and rebuild, no picture no truth, I will not introduce the classic story, except that “burn covered” the origin of the term is here.

We continue to step-streets, came to the “Beijing, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum,” it looks like there is a newly opened soon, everything is new, we went to see fares had to shake out, “wallet” can’t afford it! Say much is tears, who let us be poor? Later came home I check fares online, found the group price is cheaper than site 1 time, if interested in wax’s best friend was first booked tickets to go on the Internet.

Go down again, “Quanjude” abnormal striking words, Gospel of the foodie, Peking duck, “the capital’s first”, the most famous roast duck restaurant.

Generally many people queue up for the ducks, the team hasn’t stopped, droves of people keep coming. Duck was 134 Yuan/only for the day, about two Jin, in which people buy roast duck is when the gift, eating freshly baked 200 Yuan/only.

“Quanjude” fame is too big, which is lined with admiring people who tasted fame, everyone is holding “once rare in Beijing, not eaten the Quanjude Roast Duck is a pity” State of mind, no matter how expensive it is to taste it. Duck not only expensive, other food prices are also taller than most hotels.

Do not eat “Quanjude” is unfortunately, eat “Quanjude” disillusion this is not nonsense, 120 a 100 cargo tried to fix. I not wants to loss “full poly de”, is took for I of home “Guangxi Yulin” sold advertising, “Beijing duck” of taste than “Yulin duck” poor more has, “Beijing duck” only duck skin eat up has taste, and I think “Beijing duck” dipped with sweet and with ingredients eat used, we of “Yulin duck” on different has, not only even duck bones suck with are incense, dipped with plum sauce of duck meat eat up skin crisp meat tender of solutions greasy and appetizer.

Although we Yulin was not because “Duck” but because the “dog meat” out of the name, however, not only the “dog meat” yummy, nubuck Pu, offal is also the country is the world best food, do not believe that friends can come to Yulin taste than than one.

Then again came back, we know will regret in Beijing, still ordered the Peking duck for lunch, and Oh, really contradictory Oh!

Go down again, we come to the legendary “big fence” (pronunciation: picking up rotten), here is a front Street, the busiest and most prosperous, the oldest, most sections of old shops, streets and many people came to the front door is the first tour “big fence”, including us.

But “big fence” regalia, drop a lot and I thought, Oh, I thought it had come to the wrong place, but went in playing feel worthwhile again.

“Big fence” across from the Hutong entrance is “fresh” food court, enter there is a food shop, is foodie must go to sweep in a circle, fill your stomach, since we just ate lunch soon, going around “big fence” to eat here again.

Into the “big fence” the Mall, it is necessary to look at these century-old shop, in which “ruifuxiang” is the capital of the first silk shop, head is very large, we are said to be the founding of new China, rose is the first five-star red flag at Tiananmen Square “ruifuxiang” made of silk shops.

We took some photos stay in front, it’s funny, heard a lot of people on the door “ruifuxiang” signs, in turn, read, “Cheung Furui”, hehe.

“Ruifuxiang” clothes compared to Wangfujing shopping street is cheap over there, but the style is a bit old, but I personally do not think silk qualities I saw in Suzhou’s Silk.

“Dong Lai Shun” the man at the door holding a fire and boiler, and thought this hotel was it. A look full of souvenir, a wide, divided into several stalls selling gadgets and some are never seen, we just enjoy the new things around here a lap, went inside, only to find that really is a hotel on the second floor, there seems to be no sheep.

“Dashilan first department store” and the other “eight daxiang” compared to these shops should not be a long history, its head is like the style of the Republic.

“Big fence” high street goods there are expensive and cheap, if you want to buy small gifts souvenirs give people in the street to buy appropriate, representatives without cost, light of friendship. But we didn’t buy anything, this time to Beijing, purely for pleasure, don’t want to get tired walking with big bags.

Famous of “tongrentang” Pharmacy quite style, appearance Shang keep has in Ming and Qing dynasties building style, “tongrentang” of founder “Le boss” had in Qing dynasty early Kangxi Emperor period do had too Hospital of Shi Mu, is is responsible for management prescription like of instruments work, so many Palace recipe he are know, on he future resigned open pharmacy up has is big role, “tongrentang” is can after 300 years more do more big, has is big reasons is he of drug playing with “Court recipe” and out has name, which most famous of is ” Of angong niuhuang pill “, in what is now the price up to 560 one here.

“TRT” there is another renowned pills, that is, “Wuji baifeng pill”, did not need to introduce here.

We took a stroll around inside from the pharmacy, I heard that “tongrentang” “burnt cream” very special effects, painted in burns or scalding on the skin will be ready soon, and does not leave scars. Although this “burnt cream” legends are effect, we gave up because of its high price, HA HA. Pro shop we bought another very famous “tiger balm” effect and “White Tiger paste.”

“Tong ren Tang” between in front “ruifuxiang”? A closer look is the “ruifuxiang hung”. Most visitors will think that is “ruifuxiang” stores, including us, I said to my wife “ruifuxiang” such a good business? Open two stores in the same street?

I took the door photo, branches of the same, just go in and around. Until I wrote this travelogue, open the photos look, found the door there is a plaque to the left of “Jiangnan embroidery cotton trading company in Beijing”, great article here, Baidu, and sure enough found a story:

“Ruifuxiang Hong Kee” appearance was indeed opened a new branch in late Qing dynasty, after the founding of new China, stores become “second department store in dashilan” store sign blocking the original “ruifuxiang Hong Kee” signs. Until after 50 years, the Government rebuild the dashilan commercial Street, to preserve the historical heritage, restore the original century-old shop signs. After the removed store signs reveal “ruifuxiang Hong Kee” signs, but also found that the sign is made by Xu shichang (former Republic of China President) personally wrote. Reconstruction Hou of big fence each a history of signs are to retained, although this signs Hou of shop is not “ruifuxiang” company business, but this signs must have hanging in this location, so regardless of which company rent Xia here, are have let “ruifuxiang hung remember” hanging in here, and more skillfully of is, rent here of company just is do silk business of, authentic of justified granted do Mao brand, haha.

Da Guan Lou Studios formerly named “mogul Xuan Teahouse”, is where the elite pastime of late Qing dynasty Opera tea. Said up restaurant teahouse, history Shang most peak of period is Qing dynasty, modern although also has many people like tea tea, but far no Qing dynasty people as mass of love tea, in Kangxi to Qianlong years, big city of each article Street are open has restaurant or teahouse, and Qing dynasty of people many when are idle, entertainment way rarely, civilians people on to cheap of teahouse tea bragging, rich of on to shot see of restaurant side see play side tea. I think real tea culture is formed during the Qing dynasty.

Tianjin eats “goubuli” buns has been popular over 150 years, authentic “goubuli” taste a well-deserved reputation, but its price is very expensive, and now make special offers, but also to sell 20 5, I heard that is normally sold for 10 Yuan each.

If “goubuli” for 150 years late, could sign today is “to celebrate the harvest festival”, HA HA!

As for “goubuli” version of the source, or there are many legends, we see in front of the bun shop is one of the versions. This reminds me of a famous person said: “whatever has a long history and people with many stories of its origin. ”

Dashilan story too much to say for three days and three nights of endless, our hearts go with the King today, saw to that, before it was dark, the temperature becomes lower, and blowing wind. Our 10 days in Beijing, the worst weather of the day, cloudy all day without the Sun, and the evening wind, we originally wanted to go to the front door Street at night, but no match for Northland air, had to return to the hotel.

Beijing classic of mutton fire boiler, is with traditional of copper carbon furnace to Shabu of, this let I reminds has when Festival in home and fathers are eat pot of stories, then induction cooker also no universal, we with of is like this following charcoal of fire boiler, just w burn of, and Shabu of more is vegetables (when home of life compared hard, only holidays collective killed a pig or killed a chicken duck is meat eat).

Since all the distances, no reason not to try a classic Beijing mutton hotpot, three of us to eat and yibailai pieces. Because we are not used to spicy food, is considered bad, also ordered some dumplings Festival (winter). Spicy mutton my son not to eat, finally ordered his favorite: egg fried rice. HA HA!!



Google announced in Dallas to launch Google Fiber services

Google announced in Dallas to launch Google Fiber services

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Google announced Google Fiber project will be added a service City-Dallas, Texas. Austin, Texas residents have used Fiber, in addition, the deployment is also underway in San Antonio. Google blog post points out that Dallas is one of the best cities for development of science and technology, they hope the Fiber in this district will help the city attract more science and technology personnel.

Kenzo france

But Google clarified on Twitter, they launched the Fiber service in Dallas would only be limited to urban areas, the suburbs or surrounding cities of Fort Worth, is not within the scope of support. Kenzo france Kenzo case

Dallas is Google in the United States is deploying Fiber one city in one of the others are Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix. Now, only the Provincetown, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, Austin has launched a Fiber network services.

Source: cnbeta

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu

The most beautiful days of April with camera and the person you love walk on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you … … (Selected over more than 160)

    With warmth, before that April had walked along the thread of the season half, between branches no longer knows when into a dark green color, after repeated deliberation, way cattle on comparison sites, strategy, work time, finally packed up, into the dream place.

    Put down the busy work, April breeze blows gently, holding your partner’s hand, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

    Sitting under the gulangyu sunlight rock Beach, quiet look of Golden Sun, inflames the day … …

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Casual, no destination, wanted to go, want to shot on film, eat all you want to eat, I shot a good moments … …

Taste of Xiamen characteristics of peanut Satay noodles, soups, grilled meat and rice dumplings

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Sitting at the sea of blooming bougainvillea, the sea breeze and away from gulangyu Island night

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Mountain peak of Gulang Island, gulangyu Island panorama

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Sitting on the beach blowing sea breeze, enjoy European style architecture and beautiful gulangyu shuzhuang garden

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

“Cradle of musicians” gulangyu concert hall listening to the Guzheng recital

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Walk the most beautiful campus: Xiamen University Lotus Lake

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Appreciation of Xiamen huandao road in red as a fire Flower: bougainvillea

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Island ring road music square, young people indulge in music

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Once a small fishing village: zengcuoan

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Zengcuoan 擁 Lake House

Young couple by the sea … …



First day: Datong road, Zhongshan Road, Xiamen day tour +-the old town

Second day: shuzhuang garden of Gulang Island one day tour the Sun rock (piano)

Third day: University tour-see the Sea (including zengcuoan) day trip

First day: Datong road, Zhongshan Road, Xiamen day tour +-the old town

First and passers-cow intimate service sister are very dedicated, enthusiastic help you adjust your accommodation location, time to finalize the ” coast international Seaview 2 nights, 1 night gulangyu” notification is then sent to, and local contacts are well clear.

Airplane-start: Jiangbei international airport, stops: bijie airport

Arrive: gaoqi international airport in Xiamen for the first time, there is no clear Terminal Terminal T3 or T4, my T4 into T3, sister firm called me looking for another sister, who was wearing a red vest, reach Hotel reservation.

Next to the hotel is full of national characteristics longevity Palace, where Chinese and Western cultures blend.

Put down the luggage, walked out of the hotel is a few minutes walk, went to “the Chinese history and culture Street” Xiamen Zhongshan Road, hundreds of exotic South arcade is a major feature in Zhongshan Road in Xiamen building.

In Xiamen, Zhongshan Road, at the corner of little horse arch, Arch front inscription “Ze Gan Tang” Xiamen names question: sigongwanshou Gu lang tour, Jiang Dong du syndrome five margin. Back: in southern Xinjiang, long, full flow.

Street at the corner of Zhongshan Road wooden arch, Arch height of about 4 meters, the Redwood building, above the arch is a beautifully carved with Taiwanese characteristics, “stilts”, “the puppet show” shape, lifelike.

Went into a street corner next to the wooden arch South of Jaipur, which is an ancient early taste of Taiwanese snacks, flavor of Fujian cuisine here 100 years ago, Fujian cuisine and Southeast Asian-style combination of items sublimation, a variety of famous Taiwanese snacks available.

Peanut Soup rotten and not paste, has chewing head, taste sweet and not greasy; Braised noodle soup head sweet rich, little spicy, noodles is noodle, peanut sauce is entrance, taste is good; fried spiced is Xiamen traditional name points, material has: pork, and flat fish, and water chestnuts, and sand tea spicy, and pepper sauce,, incense tender crisp, stuffing material fine, sweet refreshing.

Mystery in the mushroom dumplings, when you thought it was just a simple mushroom, you would be wrong. This is not a mushroom, it is long and the mushroom dumplings.

Walk through the arcade, feeling kind of style, this is the continental building and regional characteristics of Southeast Asian architectural forms, incoming to Xiamen after the opium wars. Wife liked the arcade, appreciate the arcade design in place, no matter how big the Sun or the wind and rain did not affect shopping.

Datong road, walked into the next room, this is the place where old people living in Xiamen. Old houses, narrow alleys, emotions, here is the real show. Eight food stalls, seafood shop, fragrance stall, Oriental blue pie is delicious, go here to get a few boxes back to the parent, colleagues enjoy.

Sea worm jelly special, inventor of rising national hero Zheng Chenggong is said to have. It contains resin, the main raw material is a worm, which belongs to the Sipuncula, scientific name delicious keferstein, two or three inches in length. After boiling, colloidal dissolved into the water contained worms, cooled and condenses into a block, its meat is clear, delicious and sweet.

On the local market, a variety of marine fish has it all

Taste the two fish, and locals like to use soy sauce or Teriyaki, different approaches, different flavors, local beers, and delicious.

After dinner, it was already dark, blue sky, neon, beautiful big mango, eating also want to eat!

   Out of the Datong road, through the underpass, across the sea to see the beautiful gulangyu. Beach full of relaxed people, my wife and I sat at the sea of blooming bougainvillea, sea breeze blowing away gulangyu night … …



Eat a good breakfast, guide visitors to set up for visitors terminals (Zhongshan Road is not the opposite of Terminal), or is the off-season, there are so many tourists, after a voyage of about 1 hour and 20 minutes of waiting, finally came to gulangyu island

Boat knows, gulangyu 24 hour shipping, know early stay in Xiamen (Xiamen hotels and prices must be superior to gulangyu Island), next time you will know the

Stations in terminals of the piano, you can see the local fishing boats have returned to Hong Kong

Beautiful white dolphin sculptures, is the White Dolphin holding up a child, the legend is true stories

Once Germany Consulate now high-end private residence of photography

Once Japan Consulate, ground floor has a small vent, there used to be held in underground prison, tortured Patriot!!!

Building lot on gulangyu island is very exotic, many of the buildings has a strong European flavor, ancient Greece’s three-column Doric Gatehouse fireplaces, balconies, balustrade, corbeled arch Windows. There are churches, Gospel Church

Music school in Xiamen is Xiamen City people’s Government was founded in 1990 by a nine-year compulsory education schools and secondary music school.

Daylight rock is gulangyu will to of attractions, is this trip has Guide to we to of important attractions, is gulangyu of peak, station in gate at, see a high more than 40 more meters of giant rock, volley stand, in that giant rock cliff Shang, has 1915 years Xu Shiying problem carved of “days wind waves” four word cross book; its Xia also has two line characters problem carved, right for “Gulang cave”, Department Ming Wanli first year (A. D. 1573) Jiangsu Danyang people Ding Yizhong by book, this is daylight rock first of problem carved. The left “Jiang first”, written by Lin Yue Qing dynasty Daoguang in Changle, Fujian people, close to the two, writing, Lam Cheng signature special, visitors often have questions for both Lin Yue, in fact, carved more than 200 years later the latter than the former. The three Cliff carving, can be said to be the image of sunlight rock scene was made general, to impress visitors. This is the first sunlight rock scene One of Chengdu Chengdu 1150 5 days 4 nights tour

Up from the Lotus Temple, “nine summer cold”, “Jiang Dragon Cave” two inscriptions on the stone roadway, Shi Xiang is two pieces of awe-inspiring rock stand facing each other and stand tall. Tall trees shade over damp and cool in the summer, was born a few minutes of cooling.

Shi Xiang, from progress, is leading the stronghold. This is Zheng Chenggong on the mountain when the troops left the village, Chinese educator Cai Yuanpei, poem a poem: “Chi Zha-day wind waves, command, cloud height, insect Sha APE and crane end, upright upright and outspoken not Tao.”

Climbing the peak of Gulang Island, looking at Xiamen, gulangyu Island, Panorama

Cannons are still majestic

Holding your partner’s hand, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

Many cozy family hostel

Yu Yuan, Lin qiaozhi doctor Memorial, located in the South-Eastern Gulang island in Xiamen City Fuxing road, is a memorial to a famous Chinese expert in obstetrics and gynaecology doctor Lin qiaozhi (1901-1983) was built, little gardens, elaborate and bougainvillea in full bloom.

Next to Yu garden, is we are staying at grandmother’s Penghu Bay

Gulangyu Island Plaza, is gulangyu, the most busy places

Popular John mad tea shop, Miss Zhao’s shop, and stores are small, but very popular, Tom mad is her cat, cat on gulangyu is famous, Miss Zhao’s shops have been her home, Nadia is the boss’s daughter is said to be open.

Cans of Western-style tea shop goods Chen is heading the party, store jars are quite special

Foolish young man had integrity, cooperation and passers-cow free drink lemon tea, notifications can be received

Shen Jia Min nan rolls, shops popular, are now sold, many people lined up from morning till night, master of the rolls are good, Super tender, ingredients are fresh, most like the sauce, fresh, 9 an increase meat and egg.

Moon shrimp cakes look good, delicious

Leading North old bread, dry, fragrant and sweet, to chew slowly, delicious

Lin JI, fish ball deep in the lane, a roofer, boss look a handful of hair and look very fierce, she is talking, constantly being introduced all kinds of food, his wife said: “you are happier than mcdull, eat the mcdull is not to eat the fish ball noodle”, or a bottle of Xiamen sedrin, hehe!

Shuzhuang garden facing the sea, back against the sunlight rock, originally a place name Shen Lin Erjia private villas, garden owner to his character “Uncle Zang” sounds like the name garden 1955 offered the Park. Clever layout shuzhuang garden using natural terrain, the Park is divided into two hidden Sea Garden and the Mountain Park most, the King ordered scattered, Park on the sea, the sea in the garden, both South of the sophisticated elegance of the courtyard, and seagulls flying majestic spectacular, contrast and complement each other.

Park is also the gulangyu piano Museum, 44 bridges and 12-hole day attractions.

Out of shuzhuang garden, walking barefoot on the beach, Golden Sun printed in the body, happy children playing in the sand, sunlight rock peak, still flocked to

Gulangyu square behind has market, has dish has seafood, price also is cheap, said has points red shrimp (28 Yuan/pounds), and skin skin shrimp (side called shrimp Gu 18 Yuan/pounds), and small abalone (5 Yuan/a, also has 3 Yuan a a of), market next can processing, people too more, too squeeze, but cheap, speculated (salt and pepper) 15 Yuan/a, garlic Yung steamed 10 Yuan/a, whitewater 8 Yuan/a, beer 8 Yuan

Gulangyu Island Concert Hall free music performances, opening hours: 19:30~20:30, address: 1th, gulangyu, siming district, Xiamen City, Fujian province, Huang Yan lu, Tel: 0592-5318858

1992 when Shanghai Symphony Orchestra performances, conductor Chen xieyang wrote in the guest book: “gulangyu acoustics of the concert hall are our musicians most aspire to, we feel very proud and pride”

Enjoy complete operatic zither, holding your partner’s hand, let the April breeze gently blowing, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

Heard the phrase “Xiamen is not John nor crazy miss Zhao, more is not a bad tank Chen Xihe Zhang Bozhi, here is the real Xiamen. ”



Xiamen April wind, warm and soft, warm sunshine has no cold spring, nor summer heat rash, go inside the University campus, feeling has returned to the lush years … …

Next to the sculpture of Lu Xun, sitting leisurely tourist

Summer intern job fair in full swing

Next to the Lotus Lake, many tourists, napping several Black Swan by the Lake, no shot of Swan, shot two ducks.

Through the Lotus Lake, went to Xiamen University hibiscus restaurant hibiscus restaurant is on the third floor catering specifically for tourists, visitors, such as weaving,

Wife see this scene all dizzy, visitors must first charge card for cash to spend, eat and cash back, have to stand in line, the equivalent of a small street in Xiamen, known for its variety of snacks can be found here, affordable, tasted like …. Eating their own clean up the dishes, return to school. …

Out of the Xiamen University, walking to enjoy Xiamen huandao road in red as a fire Flower: bougainvillea

Island ring road music square, young people immersed in music, drunk back then the music inside me, familiar … …

Once a small fishing village: zengcuoan

Taiwanese original village, now has a lot of features in the village shop, coffee shop and bar are complete.

On the beach, watching the sunset, close your eyes, take a deep breath, Pocket full of romantic scent!

Good time always fleeting, goodbye to Xiamen! Goodbye gulangyu!! Bye the way cattle!!!