Google announced in Dallas to launch Google Fiber services

Google announced in Dallas to launch Google Fiber services

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Google announced Google Fiber project will be added a service City-Dallas, Texas. Austin, Texas residents have used Fiber, in addition, the deployment is also underway in San Antonio. Google blog post points out that Dallas is one of the best cities for development of science and technology, they hope the Fiber in this district will help the city attract more science and technology personnel.

Kenzo france

But Google clarified on Twitter, they launched the Fiber service in Dallas would only be limited to urban areas, the suburbs or surrounding cities of Fort Worth, is not within the scope of support. Kenzo france Kenzo case

Dallas is Google in the United States is deploying Fiber one city in one of the others are Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix. Now, only the Provincetown, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, Austin has launched a Fiber network services.

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The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu

The most beautiful days of April with camera and the person you love walk on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you … … (Selected over more than 160)

    With warmth, before that April had walked along the thread of the season half, between branches no longer knows when into a dark green color, after repeated deliberation, way cattle on comparison sites, strategy, work time, finally packed up, into the dream place.

    Put down the busy work, April breeze blows gently, holding your partner’s hand, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

    Sitting under the gulangyu sunlight rock Beach, quiet look of Golden Sun, inflames the day … …

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Casual, no destination, wanted to go, want to shot on film, eat all you want to eat, I shot a good moments … …

Taste of Xiamen characteristics of peanut Satay noodles, soups, grilled meat and rice dumplings

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Sitting at the sea of blooming bougainvillea, the sea breeze and away from gulangyu Island night

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Mountain peak of Gulang Island, gulangyu Island panorama

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Sitting on the beach blowing sea breeze, enjoy European style architecture and beautiful gulangyu shuzhuang garden

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

“Cradle of musicians” gulangyu concert hall listening to the Guzheng recital

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Walk the most beautiful campus: Xiamen University Lotus Lake

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Appreciation of Xiamen huandao road in red as a fire Flower: bougainvillea

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Island ring road music square, young people indulge in music

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Once a small fishing village: zengcuoan

The most beautiful days of April with cameras and lovers stroll on gulangyu Island, beautiful scenery, delicious food to share with you ... ...

Zengcuoan 擁 Lake House

Young couple by the sea … …



First day: Datong road, Zhongshan Road, Xiamen day tour +-the old town

Second day: shuzhuang garden of Gulang Island one day tour the Sun rock (piano)

Third day: University tour-see the Sea (including zengcuoan) day trip

First day: Datong road, Zhongshan Road, Xiamen day tour +-the old town

First and passers-cow intimate service sister are very dedicated, enthusiastic help you adjust your accommodation location, time to finalize the ” coast international Seaview 2 nights, 1 night gulangyu” notification is then sent to, and local contacts are well clear.

Airplane-start: Jiangbei international airport, stops: bijie airport

Arrive: gaoqi international airport in Xiamen for the first time, there is no clear Terminal Terminal T3 or T4, my T4 into T3, sister firm called me looking for another sister, who was wearing a red vest, reach Hotel reservation.

Next to the hotel is full of national characteristics longevity Palace, where Chinese and Western cultures blend.

Put down the luggage, walked out of the hotel is a few minutes walk, went to “the Chinese history and culture Street” Xiamen Zhongshan Road, hundreds of exotic South arcade is a major feature in Zhongshan Road in Xiamen building.

In Xiamen, Zhongshan Road, at the corner of little horse arch, Arch front inscription “Ze Gan Tang” Xiamen names question: sigongwanshou Gu lang tour, Jiang Dong du syndrome five margin. Back: in southern Xinjiang, long, full flow.

Street at the corner of Zhongshan Road wooden arch, Arch height of about 4 meters, the Redwood building, above the arch is a beautifully carved with Taiwanese characteristics, “stilts”, “the puppet show” shape, lifelike.

Went into a street corner next to the wooden arch South of Jaipur, which is an ancient early taste of Taiwanese snacks, flavor of Fujian cuisine here 100 years ago, Fujian cuisine and Southeast Asian-style combination of items sublimation, a variety of famous Taiwanese snacks available.

Peanut Soup rotten and not paste, has chewing head, taste sweet and not greasy; Braised noodle soup head sweet rich, little spicy, noodles is noodle, peanut sauce is entrance, taste is good; fried spiced is Xiamen traditional name points, material has: pork, and flat fish, and water chestnuts, and sand tea spicy, and pepper sauce,, incense tender crisp, stuffing material fine, sweet refreshing.

Mystery in the mushroom dumplings, when you thought it was just a simple mushroom, you would be wrong. This is not a mushroom, it is long and the mushroom dumplings.

Walk through the arcade, feeling kind of style, this is the continental building and regional characteristics of Southeast Asian architectural forms, incoming to Xiamen after the opium wars. Wife liked the arcade, appreciate the arcade design in place, no matter how big the Sun or the wind and rain did not affect shopping.

Datong road, walked into the next room, this is the place where old people living in Xiamen. Old houses, narrow alleys, emotions, here is the real show. Eight food stalls, seafood shop, fragrance stall, Oriental blue pie is delicious, go here to get a few boxes back to the parent, colleagues enjoy.

Sea worm jelly special, inventor of rising national hero Zheng Chenggong is said to have. It contains resin, the main raw material is a worm, which belongs to the Sipuncula, scientific name delicious keferstein, two or three inches in length. After boiling, colloidal dissolved into the water contained worms, cooled and condenses into a block, its meat is clear, delicious and sweet.

On the local market, a variety of marine fish has it all

Taste the two fish, and locals like to use soy sauce or Teriyaki, different approaches, different flavors, local beers, and delicious.

After dinner, it was already dark, blue sky, neon, beautiful big mango, eating also want to eat!

   Out of the Datong road, through the underpass, across the sea to see the beautiful gulangyu. Beach full of relaxed people, my wife and I sat at the sea of blooming bougainvillea, sea breeze blowing away gulangyu night … …



Eat a good breakfast, guide visitors to set up for visitors terminals (Zhongshan Road is not the opposite of Terminal), or is the off-season, there are so many tourists, after a voyage of about 1 hour and 20 minutes of waiting, finally came to gulangyu island

Boat knows, gulangyu 24 hour shipping, know early stay in Xiamen (Xiamen hotels and prices must be superior to gulangyu Island), next time you will know the

Stations in terminals of the piano, you can see the local fishing boats have returned to Hong Kong

Beautiful white dolphin sculptures, is the White Dolphin holding up a child, the legend is true stories

Once Germany Consulate now high-end private residence of photography

Once Japan Consulate, ground floor has a small vent, there used to be held in underground prison, tortured Patriot!!!

Building lot on gulangyu island is very exotic, many of the buildings has a strong European flavor, ancient Greece’s three-column Doric Gatehouse fireplaces, balconies, balustrade, corbeled arch Windows. There are churches, Gospel Church

Music school in Xiamen is Xiamen City people’s Government was founded in 1990 by a nine-year compulsory education schools and secondary music school.

Daylight rock is gulangyu will to of attractions, is this trip has Guide to we to of important attractions, is gulangyu of peak, station in gate at, see a high more than 40 more meters of giant rock, volley stand, in that giant rock cliff Shang, has 1915 years Xu Shiying problem carved of “days wind waves” four word cross book; its Xia also has two line characters problem carved, right for “Gulang cave”, Department Ming Wanli first year (A. D. 1573) Jiangsu Danyang people Ding Yizhong by book, this is daylight rock first of problem carved. The left “Jiang first”, written by Lin Yue Qing dynasty Daoguang in Changle, Fujian people, close to the two, writing, Lam Cheng signature special, visitors often have questions for both Lin Yue, in fact, carved more than 200 years later the latter than the former. The three Cliff carving, can be said to be the image of sunlight rock scene was made general, to impress visitors. This is the first sunlight rock scene One of Chengdu Chengdu 1150 5 days 4 nights tour

Up from the Lotus Temple, “nine summer cold”, “Jiang Dragon Cave” two inscriptions on the stone roadway, Shi Xiang is two pieces of awe-inspiring rock stand facing each other and stand tall. Tall trees shade over damp and cool in the summer, was born a few minutes of cooling.

Shi Xiang, from progress, is leading the stronghold. This is Zheng Chenggong on the mountain when the troops left the village, Chinese educator Cai Yuanpei, poem a poem: “Chi Zha-day wind waves, command, cloud height, insect Sha APE and crane end, upright upright and outspoken not Tao.”

Climbing the peak of Gulang Island, looking at Xiamen, gulangyu Island, Panorama

Cannons are still majestic

Holding your partner’s hand, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

Many cozy family hostel

Yu Yuan, Lin qiaozhi doctor Memorial, located in the South-Eastern Gulang island in Xiamen City Fuxing road, is a memorial to a famous Chinese expert in obstetrics and gynaecology doctor Lin qiaozhi (1901-1983) was built, little gardens, elaborate and bougainvillea in full bloom.

Next to Yu garden, is we are staying at grandmother’s Penghu Bay

Gulangyu Island Plaza, is gulangyu, the most busy places

Popular John mad tea shop, Miss Zhao’s shop, and stores are small, but very popular, Tom mad is her cat, cat on gulangyu is famous, Miss Zhao’s shops have been her home, Nadia is the boss’s daughter is said to be open.

Cans of Western-style tea shop goods Chen is heading the party, store jars are quite special

Foolish young man had integrity, cooperation and passers-cow free drink lemon tea, notifications can be received

Shen Jia Min nan rolls, shops popular, are now sold, many people lined up from morning till night, master of the rolls are good, Super tender, ingredients are fresh, most like the sauce, fresh, 9 an increase meat and egg.

Moon shrimp cakes look good, delicious

Leading North old bread, dry, fragrant and sweet, to chew slowly, delicious

Lin JI, fish ball deep in the lane, a roofer, boss look a handful of hair and look very fierce, she is talking, constantly being introduced all kinds of food, his wife said: “you are happier than mcdull, eat the mcdull is not to eat the fish ball noodle”, or a bottle of Xiamen sedrin, hehe!

Shuzhuang garden facing the sea, back against the sunlight rock, originally a place name Shen Lin Erjia private villas, garden owner to his character “Uncle Zang” sounds like the name garden 1955 offered the Park. Clever layout shuzhuang garden using natural terrain, the Park is divided into two hidden Sea Garden and the Mountain Park most, the King ordered scattered, Park on the sea, the sea in the garden, both South of the sophisticated elegance of the courtyard, and seagulls flying majestic spectacular, contrast and complement each other.

Park is also the gulangyu piano Museum, 44 bridges and 12-hole day attractions.

Out of shuzhuang garden, walking barefoot on the beach, Golden Sun printed in the body, happy children playing in the sand, sunlight rock peak, still flocked to

Gulangyu square behind has market, has dish has seafood, price also is cheap, said has points red shrimp (28 Yuan/pounds), and skin skin shrimp (side called shrimp Gu 18 Yuan/pounds), and small abalone (5 Yuan/a, also has 3 Yuan a a of), market next can processing, people too more, too squeeze, but cheap, speculated (salt and pepper) 15 Yuan/a, garlic Yung steamed 10 Yuan/a, whitewater 8 Yuan/a, beer 8 Yuan

Gulangyu Island Concert Hall free music performances, opening hours: 19:30~20:30, address: 1th, gulangyu, siming district, Xiamen City, Fujian province, Huang Yan lu, Tel: 0592-5318858

1992 when Shanghai Symphony Orchestra performances, conductor Chen xieyang wrote in the guest book: “gulangyu acoustics of the concert hall are our musicians most aspire to, we feel very proud and pride”

Enjoy complete operatic zither, holding your partner’s hand, let the April breeze gently blowing, walking on gulangyu a Bluestone-paved path … …

Heard the phrase “Xiamen is not John nor crazy miss Zhao, more is not a bad tank Chen Xihe Zhang Bozhi, here is the real Xiamen. ”



Xiamen April wind, warm and soft, warm sunshine has no cold spring, nor summer heat rash, go inside the University campus, feeling has returned to the lush years … …

Next to the sculpture of Lu Xun, sitting leisurely tourist

Summer intern job fair in full swing

Next to the Lotus Lake, many tourists, napping several Black Swan by the Lake, no shot of Swan, shot two ducks.

Through the Lotus Lake, went to Xiamen University hibiscus restaurant hibiscus restaurant is on the third floor catering specifically for tourists, visitors, such as weaving,

Wife see this scene all dizzy, visitors must first charge card for cash to spend, eat and cash back, have to stand in line, the equivalent of a small street in Xiamen, known for its variety of snacks can be found here, affordable, tasted like …. Eating their own clean up the dishes, return to school. …

Out of the Xiamen University, walking to enjoy Xiamen huandao road in red as a fire Flower: bougainvillea

Island ring road music square, young people immersed in music, drunk back then the music inside me, familiar … …

Once a small fishing village: zengcuoan

Taiwanese original village, now has a lot of features in the village shop, coffee shop and bar are complete.

On the beach, watching the sunset, close your eyes, take a deep breath, Pocket full of romantic scent!

Good time always fleeting, goodbye to Xiamen! Goodbye gulangyu!! Bye the way cattle!!!



Hai Tao Beats Studio Over Ear lowest price 169 99

# Hai Tao #Beats Studio Over-Ear ## lowest price 9.99

Studio Beats headphones brand launch of current Over-Ear Headphone, the iconic double-b Logo is quite conspicuous, large ears hanging out rate is also very high. Beats and many European and American musicians like going out with a standard equipment. Paul Frank iPad Mini Case Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

Beats Studio specials the Over-Ear Headphone present a variety of colors, red for the minimum price of $ 169.99, about 1000 Yuan or so. Domestic purchasing more than 1600 Yuan, Beats counterfeit goods quite a lot, some fake degree to force purchase of should pay attention to.

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Low price ASUS GTX770 DC2OC 2GD5 339 99

Low price: ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 9.99

ASUS computer accessories from its quality and performance are quite powerful, the GTX770 non-public version of the design, core frequency 1150MHz,2G DDR5 memory, video memory frequency 7010MHz,2 x DVI, 1 x HDMI and a DP. As to the performance and cooling, Asus has never disappointed. Michael Kors iPad Cases

Michael Kors Case

ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 current historically low prices $ 339.99, about 2100 Yuan, China Taobao in 2799 or more. Note that Hai Tao can cost 700 Yuan, but need to consider warranty, small series don’t know when ASUS warranty non-Mainland licensed. Michael Kors Case

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Hyperloop One announced the world s first factory

United States Pacific time July 27, Hyperloop One Announces the world’s first Super high-speed rail manufacturing plant, located in North Las Vegas plant named “Hyperloop One Metalworks.” Moschino retina iPad Air case

Hyperloop One announced the world's first factory

Hyperloop One Metalworks plant aerial view, from Gizmag

Factory 9755 square meter, Hyperloop test track for One location is in close proximity. Company, the manufacturing engineer, mechanical experts and welders were the main tasks, is manufactured and tested components DevLoop, DevLoop prototype should be on schedule for completion in 2017. There will also be a laboratory to test a system that runs close to the speed of sound.

Hyperloop One co-founder and engineering Director of Josh Giegel said: “the company built a world-class machine shop, so we have the advantage of fast and develop products in real time. ”

Hyperloop One because of its cool ultra high vacuum pipeline project was known, this is the founder of Tesla’s Yilong·masike in 2008, a vision of the future: in the confined cabin from a vacuum line launched, achieving supersonic speed. Many technology companies are currently practicing musk plans Hyperloop One is one of them. Moschino iPad air cases

The company has now started to build a section of Sweden’s capital Stockholm and Finland Helsinki, super high speed rail project. It is reported that the project is expected to cost 19 billion euros (about more than 140 billion yuan) and took 12 years to complete. By then, the journey from Stockholm to Helsinki from the current 3.5-hour flight or overnight ferry service shrunk to just 28 minutes of super high-speed rail.

But infighting erupted earlier this month when company executives in. Co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan after the abrupt departure, Hyperloop One against former employers to court, saying that the company illegally fired, nepotism, and accused company officials of harassing him. Hyperloop One to anti-BamBrogan action now, said it was trying to set up a new company to compete with Hyperloop One, which violates the lure against, belittling the prohibition and confidentiality agreements.

Via Gizmag

Moschino iPad air cases


Millet 5 real hands on suspected surface screen

Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen

  Now, morning rain sends a Twitter user @ Tangshan suspected millet 5 seconds of video, from the video, we can see that the machine is not really existing in the current phone models, and millet 5 rendering with the previous exposure modeling is very similar. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen
Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen
Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen

  Above for seconds took video of screenshots, from screenshots in the can see, the machine white version is used has white Qian Panel, but carefully of friends may will attention to the machine of left above of border seems to is has radian of surface, although video in the of image slightly fuzzy, but we still can see it of side does some radian, but surface of part seems than Galaxy S6 edge, machine to more small.

Second video:

Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen


Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen
Millet 5 real hands-on suspected surface screen

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case


In Indonesia one trip to the volcano photography

Few words say, above!

Brahma, volcano

In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography
In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography
In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography
In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography

Brahma, a volcanic Sunrise

In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography

Brahma, volcanoes to the stars

In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography
In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography

Lin Chani volcano waterfall

In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography
In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography

Volcano Lin Chani

In Indonesia, one trip to the volcano photography

Blue Flame burst of volcanic

First self introduced about, I is one Shanghai reading of students, scenery photography lovers, early see has bromo of volcano of God figure will decided seas had sea view he, inadvertently and learned that has Dragon accounts island of Lin Jiani volcano, so arrangements plans on out’s, Jakarta-Surabaya-next more-bormo-Yi Zhen-Lombok Island-Bali-Jakarta, 7th, starting, 23rd, end.

This article is more suitable for tours of poor person, I try to choose a physical way, bormo spent two nights are trekking, if the group could only stay one night, unable to savor appreciation, I was to spend three days in. … In town ran into a hitch-the Chinese really went to Iraq.

Key ~ ~ ~ ~ Lin Jiani never online syndicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to a local beach senggigi or straight into the foot of the mountain ~~~~ all local agent!!!!!!! Shop around!!!!!!! I paid only 600 for three days and two nights all inclusive!!!!! Book online estimate cost 1 time!!!!! Believe me!!!!! High season (6/7/8 months) has the team up the mountain every day!!!! Don’t worry about!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my work

Bug: https://tuchong.com/280776/

Twitter: http://weibo.com/1930927935/profile?topNav=1&WVR=6 id:Barry Lu Pengyu


Matters needing attention

Recommended software South Africa 8 days classic rainbow tour

1.travelloka local software cheap tickets featured Indonesia national flying is cheap, I buy in Bali to Jakarta just more than 200 Yuan.

2.go-Jek software for local taxi, local phone well, like uber, cash price, applicable to the Bali and elsewhere don’t understand.


I recommend is 5-9 months of winter in the southern hemisphere, as Indonesian in the southern hemisphere, but close to the equator, even though winter is hot, but avoid the rainy season, especially Lin Jiani volcano open only a few months.

Climbing equipment:

Because I primarily in order to climb the volcano, Bromo Trekking two nights in a row to the top, really the volcano overnight, Lin Jiani for three days.

1. warm clothes (jacket Andes, very cold at night, especially Lin Jiani)

2. high-calorie foods!! Local supermarkets, Snickers category. Lin Jiani meals, too much physical exertion, required!

3. the raincoats, towels, swimming trunks (Lin Jiani has a Spa is great, enjoy)

4. trekking poles and hiking shoes (Lin Jiani was climbing Ah!! To climb! )

5. head lamps (I think it’s important, free hand)

6. gas mask I buy Taobao explosions (Yi Zhen volcanoes can rent, but thousands of people …. )

7. the disposable underwear, pretty easy.

8. quick-drying pants and climbing shrubs have a lot of dew in the morning, pay attention.

9. sunscreen, sunglasses, magic scarf, say no more, essential.

After all, not a professional player, but also to prepare

Bribes, luck, I met anyway, ready for a return ticket orders now ~

Traffic overview

1. the Jakarta airport, I am midnight, get money, Union OK, they’re everywhere, it is recommended that Chinese, free of charge (up to 2500k, about 1250, behind the Indonesian rupiah to remove three zeroes, then divided by 2 is the conversion of the Yuan).

Note: Jakarta international airport has three terminals, General T2 international arrivals, domestic flights are generally T1 or T3, this time up to the second floor to ask where the public bus, free shuttle to the other Terminal (24 hours, far between terminals).

2. Surabaya airport, morning arrived, Terminal floor has top taxi of place, because I not determine train moments, I select has to bus station, counter booking zhihou will with you to taxi (100k about collection 50 Yuan, I think slightly somewhat your), about 20 minutes on to station has, full is bus Ah, directly find car said I to Probolinggo (next more), conditions also good has air conditioning, (18K about collection 9 Yuan Yuan) four hours around arrived next more bus station!

3. next to the bus station: this is the most important point! From here to the station was sold to travel part of the way, if you don’t like, don’t talk to anyone, go left until you come! Broken bread! Waiting cemoro lawang waiting would be nice, I talked to six or seven Europeans, about RMB 30 per person, also thanks to the help of the European people, we became friends, trekking with bormo is great experience.

4. Iraq really volcano, Bromo town Shang is cemoro lawang has to Iraq really of mission, with mission good’s (you can discuss about zhihou is to where, are can arrangements, outside South dream boat can to Bali also can return to next more or Surabaya, to Bali whole trip about is a people 150 Yuan including Iraq really accommodation, tour, and put you sent to ferry), I on not toss’s select has with mission go.

5. Bali, Iraq really volcano end Hou will put you pulled to outside South dream BANYUWANGI port, ferry tickets not your, about a to hours around arrived Geely Manuk port, here is in Bali most Northwest end, near has bus station away from have not far, because I is a people so taxi will is your, I select has do bus to Deng Barcelona of Ubung station, about 20 block money, if price you think your of outrageous must to bargain, away is long, no air conditioning, car will way stopped to stopped to, attract passengers, At the Denpasar for about four hours. Poor vehicle conditions, conditional or chartered buses, right, as a poor swim party/students may not have problems overcome.

Denpasar three stations:

Ubung bus station (North of Denpasar, Denpasar) vehicles travelling to Bali, West and North Station. Kediri (Temple), Muang Oi Mengwi.

Batubulan bus station (6 kilometers northeast of Denpasar) vehicles heading for the Central and Eastern Bali destination station. Beijing to play the horses, Kintamani, Sanur Sanur and Ubud Ubud and eight-Dan thanks to the port.

Tegal bus station (Jl Liman in Denpasar on Bonmjol Street) to the Kuta area of the station. Such as Kuta and Jimbaran Jimbaran Kuta.

6. in Lombok, Denpasar from BA Dan worship, I chose to go to Batubulan bus ride to port, local drivers of foreigners, a question is: I want to 300K about 150 Yuan, not me, I said I do let the past do you this piece of junk! Last driver compromise cut down to about 50k, or about $ 25, about two hours to reach the port, car is still broken.

To port must pay attention!!!! If you do fast ship OK will was surrounding up about to 100 to 200 Yuan, and port sold votes of personnel will and vendors worked hand in glove, sold you fastboat of votes, and slow ship four hours around, you to insisted slow ship also is fast ship, or certainly was cheat to fast ship Shang, I think slow ship conditions good, as long as 20 block, himself measure, I anyway is like slow ship, is comfortable comfortable, has air conditioning Oh ~ four hours slowly taste sea scenery. Due to lateness, reached the ferry, it’s late I’m going to senggigi Beach dressing, million thousand count as, no car can get butchered, and 100 RMB for a ride to the hotel, lower prices than Bali Lombok 1 time, I felt a lift is very expensive … …

7. Lin Jiani package transfer round trip on foot after senggigi, you can also negotiate with the Agent go back to go, but must add money.

8. the Lombok-Bali, I find agent in senggigi, they’re everywhere, price, 300K packet transfer, including the Bali/Lombok hotel shuttle ferry and fastboat crossed the sea, quite convenient.

9. Bali-Jakarta travelloka booking tickets, more than 200 Yuan, Lion Air, Visa,master OK.

10 Jakarta, I only stayed one day, noon, night flying, so buses at noon, 40k, I was first in T2 left-luggage, turn left out of the airport, take the airport bus to the Jakarta’s Gambir train station, terminal station. Near about 1h,gambir is the core area of Jakarta, Merdeka square, the largest mosque in return continue to ride well here ~

Brahma, the first stop a volcano

Photo shuttle bus is on information I T2 to T3, fly to Surabaya early in the morning, fetch good money at the airport, run phone card (national treasure can be Oh, I am the night, are closed, SI to do it the next day, 150k,6gb flow cool ~)

T3 Terminal, lounges, air conditioning very low, rest well, power bolt, supermarket, 24 hour restaurant.

Call surabraya, Surabaya, advice to friends for the first time all the English name of the city, really not very easy to remember and pronounce.

I went to the three islands, Java and the Dragon Island are mostly Muslim, Bali’s majority Hindu, pay attention to respecting the religious beliefs of the natives.

Specific means of transportation, please see above, Surabaya, which is next to the station to more cars, condition is good, but basically local ride, air conditioning I feel very gratified, and only nine dollars!

Someone will sell car magazines, books, and you can see, not satisfied with the return again ~

Out has station if you iron has heart has to himself to, (I recommends himself to don’t with mission, if really wants to good experience about words, I more to you several Scouting seat, good enjoy about nature of gods), out has station left turn go to end, will see rags of minibus, asked clear has price, driver will said up enough 15 people starting, General to, a time, 10 a people around with car on loaded down’s, I with seven a foreigners with, a people probably received has 30 yuan around’s, And it is why with five foreigners after the team completed the climb at night for the first time.

France couple a pair of Spain lovers with short hair I Germany sister a hard room.

Note: here I would like to talk about, really no need to book accommodation in advance, of course different, I did not ask too much, and on every street corner, bath, bed and breakfast is 75 per night, you can bargain, local town tourism more perfect, eat what is out of the question.

Bromo map

Focus here!

I altogether stay has two late, can see map three a circle of place, first a circle is we live of town cemoro lawang, zhihou is whole article hiking line, second a circle is viewpoint2, compared good arrived, about one hours on OK, zhihou if to to highest of is people up of viewpoint1 Middle may to need two hours, Bush health, must to wear trousers, shrubs of dew may put you of shoes and pants wet, this paragraph road bad go, Climb completely dark during the night (but can escape tickets foreigners are preferred routes), but along the way there are many hidden observation point is great, compared to the most popular highest viewing platform, you are not late even to stand in place, if you just skim, motorcycle Hill OK, if you want to challenge yourself, then try it.

If you go to the 2nd observation deck, which team goes to the platform, I suggest to back up the Hill, some early, we start at two o’clock at night, and spent three hours on foot, seats are gone, the heart. Contact bike during the day, early in the night into the mountains, just OK.

Cemoro lawang morning views.

Viewpoint2 of this mass flight is high overhead imagery to entire bromo, but too many marginal is the fence, not climbing, not tripod machine, be sure to come back ~

The viewing platform down the road, this place will take the high road, to backtrack and go to the volcano.

Good friends ~ this is the first observation point viewpoint1! From the village to die also here for an hour, the road is easy to go ~ I ~ flight of the Galactic blockbuster here is a bit low, easily reached on foot ~

The next day I decided to retain physical, 1 a person came to this point in the mountains at about, took all night Galaxy, Star tracks, it’s just me, a dark and very cold, with good lighting, hot food, until three or four o’clock would have been over. Baidu/Galactic orbital tutorial, I used 5d3, wide-angle shooting shutter release is essential, of course, 23 years old, one night and stars as the volcano with the night is also a very good memory.

Here, some shooting skills, preferably with a telephoto lens, volcanic haze into villages, it is can capture changes in contrast with diffuse mist village scenes, basic shooting every day if you need a big zoom!

Down after our six-man is still walking, all the way to visit the crater, and will not repeat them here.

Towns such as this star hotel is located in the village, there is WiFi, Indonesian cuisine/everything Western, the environment is also good, recommend huh

Bromo summary

 I recommends everyone bromo don’t with mission, more stay days, good feel here, prices also not your, has several also good of hotel, daily night climbed up to see Sunrise, to crater turned turned, really of is rod of experience ~ day good rest, back next more also is to Iraq really again do intends to, local agent has into system, to where are is convenient, I zhihou is town Shang met has compatriots, was picked up to has Iraq really.

 Real volcano

Due to with a bunch of compatriots with, tours driver with we live to has near Iraq really volcano has one hours around car drive of small city Bondowoso, night rest to 11:30 around starting, due to car open of is slow, arrived Iraq really volcano mountain feet about one or two points around of like, night in small city Shang turned has turned, locals is friendly, to I feel very good, eat of also is cheap.

Late town conveniently records ip6+vsco

Have sold this bunch of streets at night, like barbecue paint layer sauce, 0. 5 a bunch, is worth trying.

These fried foods is good, fried eggplant, fried meatballs, two dollars three on demand ~

This shot, I didn’t use the slow door, the headlamp to a distance of tourists tried to fire close to the blue, increased sensitivity, use higher shutter to record the moment.

Blue Flame appears only at night, at about five o’clock, using a tripod, use long exposures can produce blue flames while ensuring quality.

This shot, I didn’t use the slow door, the headlamp to a distance of tourists tried to fire close to the blue, increased sensitivity, use higher shutter to record the moment.

This is a self portrait, I let others help the shutter (can also use a wireless shutter release), I keep a few seconds does not move, and records the moment of blue fire.

Gradually brighten days, should be allowed to know how is the environment in which we like, really the volcano because of the smell of sulphur and sulphur-rich disseminated is known throughout the world, as the world’s smelliest place. In the volcanic peak of Mount Merapi West volcanoes Kawai says in the famous volcano, Kawai says true volcanic crater lake has a width of 1 km, the crater is famous for sulfur-rich, now a famous tourist destination. Kawai says the volcano is a beautiful like a wonderland of sulfuric acid Lake volcano, it emitted sulfur gases formed by fumaroles in the crater, while the local miners to mine the sulfur mining to make a living, arguably the most difficult in the world dangerous profession.

Miners do not have good protective measures when smoke engulfed, only to hear the miners retching, groaning sound, but to make a living, they are engaged in this job every night up and down twice, after that pick down the sulfur, in Exchange for revenue

Core area of the volcano as a whole, the bottom is a volcanic Lake, the road down to the underground is very bad.

Note that gig, local miners, traders sell sulfur to your craft, but these are inflammable and explosive products won’t make it on the plane.


Take the slow boat from eight-Dan thanks to ferry for four hours (20 bucks) to Lombok, ferry good, should be eliminated by the Japanese passenger, air conditioning, lounge, good condition.

Whole boat is local, it is estimated that visitors have been hoodwinked to boats, blowing wind, watching the sunset sunset, quietly leaned against the railing of the deck to enjoy the sea breeze blowing, that’s really enjoy a trip.

Lin Chani volcano three days and two nights on foot

LZ select of is three days two night of team, in St Ji Ji beach of agent reported of name, due to local has many home different of travel agency is responsible for this article travel line, you can more asked several home for compared, but roughly of service content are is same of, including equipped with porters and Wizard, diet, tent, drinking water,, price of different may depends on meals of quality, each meal rice can more eat several block meat, other service roughly same.

In addition, according to the survey, foreigners pick up line or 3 days/2 nights, 4 days/3 nights camping next to the project more than a night at Crater Lake.

Note: different tour groups would choose a different azimuth climbing, one is starting from Sembalun town, based on the figure is approximately Northwest of the volcano, trip will begin on the first day in the dense rainforest, night after camping on the Summit you can enjoy the panoramic view across the crater lake (luck, surrounded by volcanic lakes are often surrounded by clouds).

          Our team is another along the line, starting from the town Sembalun, as shown in the figure is approximately northeast of the volcano to climb, first part of the road is relatively gentle Alpine meadows, after a period is relatively steep, uphill climb, and the next day get up at two o’clock at night (approximately 5-6 hours of) direct Lin Jiani’s highest peak as shown in the figure (3726m).

According to the death of inexperienced white on foot, the first line on the first day easier, less strength, the second top intensity of the line including the next night, so when we choose to hold together to ask about specific hiking routes, has some psychological preparation.

As shown in the figure, the landlord made sketches, the direction of the arrow direction for the tour.

Day1: start at 10 o’clock in the morning after a flat meadow, through four hours of hard climbing in the afternoon to reach the blue camp (2683m), sleep early in the higher elevations of the cold weather.

Day2: start at two o’clock at night crawling sprints to the Southeast the highest point, is this the most difficult section of the road on foot, coupled with bad weather, and spent the next six hours, eight in the morning to the top (3726m). About ten or so return to the camps began to descend to Crater Lake, including lunches arrival Lake has spent about four hours in natural wash hot springs in the afternoon, (by a four-day mission in the volcanic Lake camp), we continued to climb, camped about 3-4 hours high yellow.

Day3: watching the sun rise, started to go down, the entire mountain into the rainforest, should be the most relaxed period three days journey.

As shown in the figure, this is the starting point to start from Sembalun, also the foot end.

First day of hiking

The first day at five o’clock in the morning, waiting to shuttle van at the hotel on time. About seven Sembalun town, dining at a local rally point. Around each other a mutual understanding, a Russia young couples, three age United Kingdom little brother, a middle-aged France couples and their children and friends, and the two of us Chinese.

After we registered registration centre for mountaineering, mountain guide, arrangement and the issuance of tickets for the National Park. Look at information from the registry, are both 32 years old young man on foot, thankfully, at this age experience with young people from around the world a special hiking tour, of course, there are young parents with children to climb (the next day when his father abandoned the idea of taking the children to the top security issues).

Porters wrapped flip-flops, carrying dozens of kilograms of burden climb, I suspect they’re aliens. (Potters pay 75 a day, wizards pay 100 Yuan a day)

About two hours away, and began to rest, Porter Wizard started making lunch, am not strong, climbing around one o’clock in the afternoon, with further increasingly steep slope, increasing strength.

This afternoon, with the elevation height, dense clouds around, poor visibility, as well as climbing more difficult.

Four or five hours, is also a great physical exertion, every now and then to take out calorie-rich food supply.

Finally reached halfway up camped the first night.

Camp deep ravines on either side.

The first night’s camping at 2683m, very low temperatures accompanied by high winds, porters and guides camped together to help us.

Was going to Pat the stars at night, crying with cold directly, intimate guide meal is served in a tent, eating directly asleep. …

Days in the mountains is not easy, feeling very good with every meal, every day could be so hungry

Hiking the next day

The next day is the most difficult day of the trip, because it is not fully prepared, two o’clock at night top hard starting Wizard will wake you in the dark, of course heaven on those days, rain, took six hours, finished on top. No exaggeration to say, this is my 22 years, through the most difficult part of the way, completely in the dark, you can’t see any surrounding environment can only climb, you don’t even have a back away, plus I also photographed the whole beauty of the volcanic Lake, died carrying a DSLR body only two lenses and an aluminum tripod.

Note: the headlights are essential (your hand you want to climb, climb! And the use of trekking poles), warm clothes (I wear a down jacket to complete climbing), high calorie food (great physical exertion) and winning faith!

Indonesians have been really lazy, and if this volcano left in China, rope may have been set here don’t even have a real road, plenty of time to really need to crouch down on the lower center of gravity down the dirt road to crawl or take advantage of glide.

After the Summit was disappointing, fog-shrouded volcanic Lakes, I sat on the mountain eating a biscuit, and even have the strength to take pictures without a, mobile phone records would be nice, my camera, Tripod leucorrhea!!

Way down, for a moment, Crater Lake showed true character.

After that arduous journey, down the road really is tumbling, rolling bumps down, my heart has been called over mother, which is beyond the range of my age, it is not easy, the team finished last, only half the people in the top.

Hill returned to the camp at about 10 o’clock, eating breakfast, and started to pack, then down, came to the heart of Lin Jiani-Crater Lake.

Down the road is still … … Heavy fog and slippery steps, which is apt to slip than a dirt road up the mountain, still don’t take any chances, weight down the road for a long time, knee pain, the whole body is slowly wouldn’t work.

Porters still tread flip flops, carrying dozens of kilograms of wings … …

Hot springs in the afternoon was great, just a half an hour, feel tired all of a sudden gone, put on clean clothes continue to proceed.

Washing the hot springs have been started on his way, and began to climb the last leg by a volcanic Lake, approximately takes four hours, the camp has six or seven o’clock in the evening, have dinner, just go straight to bed.

On foot on the third day

Last day away relatively easily, and six o’clock in the morning morning call, the wizard takes us to climb up a way to watch the sunrise from a different angle, team has no one to continue to insist, after some thought I was fighting spirit with tripod camera final effort, took a different view of the volcanic Lake, Volcano still face today, revealing the true.

Around eight o’clock we started to pack, started to go down, about three or four hours through the rain forest to reach the goal.

Porter getting ready for our last lunch.

See senaru of brand excited of to cry out, three days really of is one willpower of test, I completed has all of challenge, caught has daily of sunrise sunset, and also carry with more than 10 more pounds of photography equipment, I wants to may only in this age to has strength to challenge himself a put’s, treasure I of youth time, and from to global around of peers with side by side fighting, for himself young of when left better of memories.

Thanks for this lovely group of porters and guides, high strength of weight a day, but less than 100 Yuan of income, for their encouragement and help, sincerely offer my tip.

We can enjoy the beach tomorrow, and they will not rest, day after day on the back of continued to work … … Hope that their lives will get better and better ~